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    +1 to Stamina
    Resist Fear
    House Elders
Generally calm but fiercely angry
indigenous barks and of course, honey
Waiting is the easy part, it's being ready that's hard.
“Sit Cub, sit and listen. Stop with your wanting to rush out and explore Isles that will come soon enough for now just sit. Enjoy the warm sun on our faces; enjoy the scent of wildflower, the feel of summer in full bloom. Yes, yes, yes there will be time for learning to fight, or to cast magic but for now just be.”
The Isle of Oakhaven is unique among the Isles of Crux. Those who inhabit this Island are Bipedal, Intelligent animals who have evolved or gained greater sentience than their animal brethren. That being said each has many distinct features that are native to the creatures they resemble. The Gnarulian are no different in this.
Gnarulians form tight knit families. Rarely do these exceed six in number. The head of the family can be a matriarch or patriarch depending upon the family itself. Generally when decisions are made they seek unanimous agreement. If there is a dispute or a consensus cannot be reached or sometimes when grave danger is present and a decision must be made the matriarch or patriarch can do so unilaterally. If one seeks to challenge the matriarch or patriarch the will only do so if they feel they are superior in every way. Once a challenge is issued the current head of household will determine the challenge that will decide who shall continue to rule the family. This can be done through physical combat, or challenges (races, lifting competitions, or challenges or stamina). It could be conducted through a mental challenge whether that me a mystical combat, or a more mundane challenge of riddles, or game of chess. Perhaps the challenge is social in which the two will debate, or go out and try and convince another creature or family to speak for their cause. Because the present head of household makes the decision potential challengers must be prepared to face off in any arena.
As a whole the culture is peaceful and will call a Summit of they need to address many families. Decisions made at a Summit must be unanimous in order to move forward. Only the Matriarchs and Patriarchs of families may attend a Summit although if some cannot they can appoint a second in their stead. This is unusual and usually reserved when a Summit is called and the head of household is near their end of life.
Gnarulians can differ greatly in appearance much like the Bears they resemble. Almost all are large both in height and in stature, although there are some which do not fit this prototypical form. All have great strength and stamina. This is represented by their +1 to the Stamina trait. In addition they cannot be confined, webbed, or pinned.
Gnarulians are generally even tempered. Some even believe in total pacifism. This being said a Gnarulian pushed to anger is a terrifying force. When in this state they enter a battle or blood lust and even their closest allies and family members are likely to pause before getting in their way.
Gnarulians have a great respect and reverence for nature. They do not question how they were created. They simple are and believe they have been. They will protect wild places as sanctuaries and will make their cities and dwellings with as minimal impact to nature as they can. As such caves are the favored homes and even cities of the Gnarulians.

Choosing your Lineage and Profession:
Gnarulians have great physical attributes and as such Fighters tend to be most common among them. Healers would be the next most prevalent. Mages are not unknown among their kind, but are still very rare. Rouges are almost non-existent and those that are almost exclusively are young and adopt more of a Ranger like build. Families are the structure of everyday Gnarulian life. In them it is merit and not heritage that determines who leads. Occasionally offspring of a particularly powerful or effective head of household has expectations of themselves growing to greatness, but these expectations must be proven.

Advantages & Disadvantages of being Gnarulian:
Gnarulians all gain a +1 to stamina. Advantages- When the Gnarulian slumbers, they gain even more fortitude. Not only do they gain back any lost health throughout the night, after a full night's rest, the Gnarulian are endowed with a temporary bonus (+2) to their Vitality. This bonus fades once the extra points have been removed through damage or effects. Since they are not easily startled, they may also resist a single Fear effect once per Event.
Disadvantage- Gnarulians share some disadvantages with their animal cousins. Primary among them is they tend to be prone to gluttony. If they have the opportunity to indulge in fine food and drink they likely will do so to excess. In addition their appearance can cause for violent reaction from those who have not encountered them before. There are some who hunt Gnarulians and others of the Isle of Oakhaven for their pelts and to use their bodies as components in magic particularly dark magic.

Common Knowledge:
Gnarulians are known for being slow to anger, but once angered fierce. Many have said there are no better friends than Gnarulians if you earn their loyalty and no enemy fiercer if you inspire their anger. Many Gnarulians suffer from questions from other races such as if they must hibernate (they do not although many do sleep deeply), and if they have a weakness for honey. (Most Gnarulians will say they do not or rather no more so than any other race since honey is delicious).

Gnarulians as a whole do not worship any deity. They feel they are a part of the cycle of nature and a part of it. They have reverence for wild places and mark the turning of the seasons. They look for guidance and to do well by their ancestors and to try and leave Crux a better place for their cubs. They revel in their life and time here. Some believe they will return to nature once they pass other believe their spirits will remain in the wild places of Crux to look after their descendants.

Thoughts on the other races of Oakhaven :

While we hold no animosity towards the Balteraan they may be as stubborn and immovable as the stone of Crux itself. In addition do not, I repeat do not have them for dinner without enough for a second small family. That being said when they have thrown in with your cause you know they will stay until the end. Just make sure they don’t also eat your drapes.

Perhaps other than those Humans there is no race more concerned with their status than the Wolven . Which Pack is preeminent, who is the Alpha, who is the Beta. It is all very time consuming. We do appreciate however how once they have fallen for their mate there is no separating them even death cannot shake the loyalty of a Woven.

When it comes to the Drundarian , there is a phrase I have heard "there is no herding cats." While we may take time to come to a consensus in our decisions and weigh very carefully options we will come to a consensus. Wolven will settle disputes in their own way for unity. Drudarians must have a system we just have been unable to determine what it is. Each appears to be king of their own castle. I would consider a single Drudrain a friend but would not trust a Pride as things could change quickly.