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Welcome to the World of CRUX, a game of origins, discovery and unlimited potential.

After years of war among the races on Imperium, the humans eventually prevail and unite the races under one flag. With diplomacy and keen leadership, the human King manages to keep the peace for the next 20 years. Unfortunately, just as the races finally stopped warring among themselves, the portals began appearing. Being a short-lived race, the stories of how the lands were before the Islands or the Great Sea existed have been lost. While none of the mages of any of the known races on Imperium can figure out how the portals are being created, many things are apparent; a new kind of war is on the horizon, they are certainly not alone in the world, and the legends are almost definitely true.

2018 Season Schedule of Events

March 30th - April 1stApril 20th - 22nd September TBD October TBD

NEXT EVENT: March 30th, 2018          

The event will be $25 to cover food costs and lodging.
You can sign up for it here.
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There are 110 slots available for this event.

You can work on character builds here!
Characters start with 20 CP.

If you're interested in staffing or NPCing our game,
please contact us at CRUX Plot
LOCATION: Pocahontas State Park in Chesterfield, VA.

With over 30 races and multiple ways to fight and cast magic, it's hard to believe there are still things yet to be discovered.
  NO Classes and NO Caps on advancement!
  Any player may learn any number of skills and many of the skills remain to be discovered, or created.
  Do you want to be the one who invents a new spell or combat technique and have it named after you? Then you need to make it happen.
  You can even make up your own race.

Online Play!

You are DYING to play your character, but there's no Event for weeks!!!
That's ok, you can play Off-Board! Click HERE to log in.

Get Credit!

Have a great idea for a Race or Plotline? Can you draw characters or maps?
If you're interested in helping us build the world we play in, feel free to email us with your ideas and questions.
You can earn Character Points, Stamps and even Free Events!
Email LARPLink
There are still plenty of things which need to be written and have yet to be discovered.