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How to Gain Levels

CRUX uses a system of Character Points (CP) to measure character progression. These CP are also used to purchase the skills for your character. Skills and skill costs are delineated in a separate chapter. This chapter explains the progression of your character and how CP are gained as well as the different tiers your character can attain and how each tier affects your character's progression. Attribute Points (AP), which are gained in relation to your CP, are referenced in this section, but explained in detail in the next section.

New Character
Each new character begins with 20 CP. As stated, you spend your CP to purchase skills for your character. Each new character also starts with 42 AP, which you may use to purchase ranks in your various Attributes (See Attributes below). As a player, you gain 1 CP for every event you attend. For every 5 CP you gain you also gain 1 AP. This is called a Tier.

How do I gain CP?
You will always gain 1 CP for every full event you attend, but there are other ways to earn CP. The rest of CP progression is based on calculations made on the current amount of CP you have. For these calculations, you must understand the following breakdown of a character point.

Training --> Experience --> CP
As you adventure, you gain experience. Character Points are basically a representation of your character’s level of experience. Each character point is made up of 4 experience points (XP). This means each character that begins with 10 CP is essentially starting with 40 XP. Since you get at least 1 CP per event, what you are really getting is 4 XP for every full event you attend. This breakdown of a character point also allows us to reward players who can only attend a portion of an event with a portion of a CP. While all players gain 1 CP for every 4 XP, the amount of training it takes to gain 1 XP may vary among players based on their current level of experience. A single XP is made up of training points. Your current CP total is used to determine how many training points are required to equal 1 XP. As a new character with 10 CP, the cost in training points per XP is 1 for 1. This requirement increases as your character progresses. The costs for each XP during your first 105 CP are reflected in the chart below. Every 5 CP constitutes a new Tier which defines the new cost for XP in training points.

From the chart, you can see the cost in training points per XP increases incrementally by 1 point until you have reached 50 CP. Then, the cost increases incrementally by 2 points each tier. The increment increases to 3 points each tier once you reach 90 CP. This increment continues to increase in the upper tiers and a full chart showing this progression can be found

How do I get training points?
As stated above, every player always gains 1 CP for attending an entire event. Each event you attend, you are able to extend your character’s training beyond the 1 CP you receive for that event. This is done by paying one of the guilds, trainers, teachers or various other factions at the event to maximize your training time. The cost for this maximization is equal to your current CP in silver pieces. When you augment your training in this way, your current CP are transferred into training points which are then divided by the cost per XP for your tier. This form of maximizing your training is also called Stamping your character. This determines how many XP you gain from training or how many extra CP you will gain for the event. During the lower tiers, this usually works out to 1 or 2 CP every time you stamp your character. For example, a character with 25 CP attends an event. During the event he pays his trainers 25 silver pieces to maximize his training time. After the event, he gains 1 CP for attending the event. His character is also stamped giving him 25 training points. These are divided by 4, the current cost per XP for his tier, which gives him 6 XP. This XP is turned into 1 CP and applied to his character. You are probably wondering what happens to that 1 remaining training point and 2 XP that are left over from the conversion. Training points not turned into XP and any XP not turned into CP do carry over to the next time you stamp your character. Thus, this character would have received 2 CP from the event now has 27 total CP. If he attended another event and paid to stamp his character, he would have 28 training points (27 from this stamp +1 left over from before). This would give him 9 XP (7 XP from these training points + 2 XP left over from before) which would net him 2 CP leaving the 1 XP leftover again, so he gains 3 CP for this event by stamping his character. Eventually the left over training points and XP would gain him an extra CP.

There is yet another way you may gain CP by stamping your character. Stamps are also the currency used to compensate our players for various contributions. If you are one of the players who arrive to the event early and help us set up, you would receive Stamps for donating your time and effort to our game. There will be a stamp table soon which delineates the value and number of Stamps you receive for specific donations. Other costs and rewards are negotiated by the staff and players on a by case basis.

What can I use Stamps for?
There are a lot of things Stamps may be spent on and many of examples will eventually be available in the stamps table. One of the more valuable uses is stamping your character to gain CP. When you want to stamp your character, you must turn in the amount of Stamps equal to your character’s current CP (or a set amount?). Thus a character with 25 CP would turn in 25 Stamps in order to stamp his character. This would result in the same calculations as exampled above when the player paid to maximize his training. You may only stamp your character once per month. Now you’re probably wondering what this math boils down to on a yearly basis so I will do my best to calculate an example here. If you were able to stamp your character every month for a year as well as attend a few events and pay for training at each of those events, you could conceivably earn over 30 CP in your first year!

   There is a stamp calculator to help you do the math located on the Character Builder page!


There are five attributes in the game; Vitality, Stamina, Arcane, Agility, and Spirit. Each character starts with 1 rank in every attribute. The attributes are leveled and your rank in an attribute is increased by spending Attribute Points. This is explained below in more detail. While the basis for your character’s survival depends on your Vitality and Spirit attributes, the other attributes are used to power the skills you may learn.

Vitality – Each character begins with 1 point of Vitality. This is your character’s health and is affected when you take damage or are healed during the game. If you suffer enough damage to reach zero Vitality, you will fall down unconscious and could possibly die. See the rules on
Death and Dying for more details on this. Vitality may be healed via magic and other special skills in the game.

Stamina – Each character starts with 1 point of Stamina. This attribute represents your character’s physicality, meaning strength and endurance. Some of the physical skills in the game, mainly martial ones, require strength or endurance to accomplish. Your Stamina is used to reset or recharge these skills once you've expended them. Using your Stamina attribute in this way requires one continuous minute of rest in order to regain your strength. Some skills may also have a minimum Stamina requirement. See more on Resetting Stamina skills in the Martial section.

Arcane – Each character starts with 1 point of Arcane. This attribute represents your character’s mental capacity, related to magic and knowledge. The ebb and flow of magic in the game relies upon your Arcane attribute to change the way you channel magic and to Reset your spells. Using your Arcane attribute in this way takes one minute of meditation. Some skills also have a minimum Arcane requirement. See more on Resetting Arcane skills under Meditation in the Magic section.

Agility – Each character starts with 1 point of Agility. This attribute represents your character’s adroitness, meaning dexterity and cunning. Agility determines your available Stealth Pool. Some of the skills in the game, mainly related to stealth, require you to expend Stealth in order to accomplish them. Some are charged skills, similar to martial skills, but other require the use of Stealth points from your Stealth Pool. You regain Stealth by using your Agility to Reset it during the event. This action does not require a time of concentration and may be done instantly. Your charged skills are also reset from this action. Some skills may also have a minimum Agility requirement. See more on Resetting Agility skills under Energy in the Stealth section.

Spirit – Each character starts with 1 point of Spirit. This attribute represents the power or fortitude of your character’s Spirit. Spirit Points (SP) are equal to your Spirit rank. SP are used or expended in various ways. There are only a few tasks or skills in the game which require you to expend SP in order to accomplish. You may only perform these skills if you have the required amount of SP to expend. SP follow special rules for being renewed. See Death and Dying for more on how important SP are to your character’s survival.

How do I increase my Attributes?
Each character begins with the same level of attributes; 1 Vitality, 1 Stamina, 1 Arcane, 1 Agility and 1 Spirit. You also start with 40 Attribute Points (AP) which you may use to purchase more levels of each attribute when you create your character. The costs to increase Attribute Points are incremental and listed in the columns below. The Level column is the Attribute Level, the middle column is the cost in AP to purchase that level of attribute and the right column is the total AP cost up to that attribute level.

So for example, Gunther the Thumper wants his character to be extra strong and fight big bad guys. So, he plans to build his character with lots of Vitality and Stamina. He spends 21 AP to bring his Vitality to Level 7 and another 15 AP to raise his Stamina to Level 6. He has 4 points left over, but he’s saving them for when he gets 2 more points so he can raise his Stamina to level 7. Of course, Gunther didn’t raise the Level of any of his other stats, so they all remain at the starting Level 1. If you would like an easy way to test your own Attribute combinations, you can use our Attribute Calculator.

How Attributes Work

It is the player's responsibility to keep track of your attributes throughout the game. There is an easy to use checkbox system on your character sheet to help with this.

Your Vitality is used as a measure of your health and you lose and gain Vitality throughout the course of playing the game from taking damage or being healed.

Your stamina is a measure of your ability to keep going in combat. Most martial skills rely on stamina. These types of skills are purchased singularly, but they may be stacked (purchased more than once) and each time you have purchased a skill represents your ability to use that skill once. After you have used your purchased skills in combat or otherwise, you may use a Stamina point to reset their uses. Thus, if you purchased a critical strike skill 3 times, you could use it in combat 3 times. Then you would use a point of Stamina to reset the use of that skill and you would be able to use it 3 more times. Keep in mind, when you use your Stamina to refresh those skills, it refreshes all of the skills that fall under that attribute whether you have spent them or not. For more on how this works, see
The Martial Arts.

We tap into our Arcane ability every time we use magic. When you purchase spells, you buy them as slots in pyramid fashion. Each slot you purchase represents a use of any of your known spells at that spell class. Similar to how Stamina is used, you may use a point of Arcane to refresh your spell pyramid to regain the use of spell slots you have spent casting. The Arcane power is also used to switch from one style of casting to another. For more on how this works, see The World of Magic.

Anytime you perform a skill which requires a high level of manual dexterity, balance or even precision, you're using your Agility. This attribute is a measure of your complete agile capability and also determines what your Stealth pool is. Stealth Pool points are equal to your Agility attribute. There are some skills in the game which may imporove your Pool. You may only perform skills which require Stealth Points if you have the necessary Stealth available to expend. You may use a point of Agility to refresh your pool at any time. This will also reset any charged Agility skills. For more on how this works, see The Way of Stealth.

Your spirit is a measure of your body's resiliency and power as it pertains to the world of the living and the dead. For more on how this works, see Death and Dying.

Attribute Calculator

Begin by selecting your Tier: All new characters start at Tier 1 (10 CP and 40 AP).

Total costs for each attribute level are:
1 05 109 36
2 16 1510 45
3 37 2111 55
4 68 2812 66

Available Points    

Use TAB key or mouse to select.
Level Cost
Remaining Points

Total CP

Character Concepts Survey

Another type of attribute is your character's value system.
While we don't intend for players to choose or follow any kind of rules for the classic types of alignment, like good or evil, we do want to know where their system of values comes from. So, if you would like to, which is completely optional, you may submit this list of values along with a character history to help us better understand your character concept. These values will not restrict or enhance anything you are able to do in the game, they are merely here to help us gear certain concepts and plot towards your style of play and interests.

Place the following 18 items in order of importance to your character:


Order displayed here

You can submit your character history to us @ LARPLink