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How old is Ancient?
“The other races just flicker into and out of existence. So short is their time here that they rush into everything. They have no appreciation for their actions and the results of them. As such they make an awful mess. Sometimes that mess is glorious and beautiful to behold, sometimes it is a terror. We have the privilege and responsibility to know the actions we take. We must consider our course of action and what our involvement is going to be. To know when we act how our actions will shape the world, not just for us but for all. I see you wish to talk, to contribute, but remember it is best first to listen, then consider, then act.”

There were once Great Dragons that came upon Crux. These Dragons were the very essences of being and creation. They breathed the very life unto Crux. They spoke the words of creation and things grew and bloomed. Adan the Green Dragon of Earth created the Forests and the Trees, the shrubs, the bushes, the flowers the field. After this was done, Ages passed. Aizza the Golden Dragon, the Embodiment of Life, spoke words into the Forest and from that eventually seeds fell and the Ancients came into being. This is what some of the Ancients believe.Other Ancients believe they always were. These Ancients believe that before even the Great Dragon came to Crux they were there in the Forests and that the Ancients once were not just in the Island of August but were throughout Crux. These Ancients believe the Dragons then moved them to the Isle of August away from the more fragile races who rush through their lives and away from the Elven kind who might grow to venerate them. Most Ancients and other races would believe this to be a blasphemy, however, among a select few this view remains.
Ancients’ mindset is very different from most other races of Crux. While most races perceive time in a linear fashion, Ancients view time as cyclical. So much so that while their individual life expectancy spans more than 6 Lifetimes, they do not view the death of their physical form as true death. As long as they have lived long enough to Seed they believe they live on. While memories may not exist of their past they will still feel impressions and even experience flashbacks to past incarnations of themselves. So deep is their connection to Crux their Vitality is greater than other races. As a result of their long lives Ancients who did not adventure at a young age are slow to act. Some who have been around other races can develop the ability to act and decide more quickly. Some feel this is an infection of their youth, others feel it has been learned from the interaction with the other races.
Ancients start as Saplings. They are the youngest and most malleable of the Ancients. They have yet to come into full bloom and still have buds and not fully developed branches. Even nearing their 100th Milestone they are considered the impulsive youths who would rush to a decision after considering their actions only for a day! Saplings who have adventured might not even consider their actions for that long!
Summers are fully adult Ancients. They have come to their full blossom and developed fully their branches. They are green and lush. These are Ancients within 100-200 Milestones. They have become more rooted in their ways and more likely to consider the full impact of their actions prior to engaging in decisions. During this time they will Seed so it may begin to grow and to continue their Spirit on once this form has passed.
Autumns are mature Ancients between 200-300 Milestones. Some say these are the most beautiful of the Ancients. Their full bloom has blossomed into colors and/or flowers and at their peak they might have fruit. One aspect that is constant is that they are bloomed into an array of reds, oranges, and yellows. This is not the same as the greying of older humans but an Ancient in their full strength and beauty. These Ancients are intractable in their ways. In addition, unless there is a great and immediate threat, it is highly unlikely they will be rushed into action.
Finally, in the last 300 to 400 Milestones of their life, an Ancient becomes Wintered. They have lost their Blossoms and strong bare branches remain. You are more likely to stop water from running in a river with your bare hands or the sun from shining than you are to change a Wintered’s mind. Even less likely are they to rush to action. It would take a threat to Crux itself to rush a Wintered.

Choosing your Lineage and Profession:
Due to their long life, frame of mind, and Vitality an Ancient can take any profession. That being said, due to the nature of moving with Stealth it is very, very rare to see Ancient as Rogues. Their longevity makes them able to research great magic as mages to uncover mysteries other races could not hope to live to achieve, but sometimes the consideration of unlocking those secrets will paralyze them to inaction. Healers suit their connection to life, and fighters make use of their Vitality.

Advantages & Disadvantages of being Ancient:
Advantages- Ancients have a high Vitality and as such can sustain more physical damage than other races. Their long lives give them time to consider many phases of life as an exploration. This long life span, however, and their view of the world can lead them to inaction. Few adventures have ever seen an Ancient run into battle, and those that claim they have are generally not believed. Ancients do not view morality as other races do. They see life as cyclical, not linear. Seeing a forest burn might affect one Ancient deeply. Another sees the death of those trees or even other Ancients as necessary to fertilize the land. Their ashes make it so the next cycle can grow. Wars and battle are viewed the same way. The blood and bodies buried nurture and provide sustenance to the earth.
Disadvantage- One of the few things that can anger an Ancient is destruction of the cycle. So, a war where an army was burning and salting the land to kill they cycle and render the earth infertile or fallow would likely find the Ancients as their enemies. In addition certain magics such as necromancy, which break the cycle, are anathema to the Ancients.

Common Knowledge:
Ancients are in many ways like the trees they resemble. They take time to make decisions, and once they have they are steadfast in their ways. They have considered deeply the decision they have made arguments for and against and it will be difficult if it is even possible to move them from their decision. Ancients see life as a cycle through nature with death being an intrinsic and important part of life, not to be feared but just another stage before rebirth.

The Ancients do not believe in death. Death is just the gateway to rebirth. Déjà vu, when experienced, is just their old form calling back to them. Learning of new skills is reawakening that which once was. They see themselves not just as descendants of past Ancients, but that being itself. It is not unknown for Ancients to keep the same name as the Ancient which Seeded them as they see themselves as part of the same cycle.

Thoughts on the other races of August:
Ancients get along with each other very well. There is a deep respect and deference to older Ancients. Younger Ancients almost always believe their Elders have considered all paths and avenues before making decisions. To go against the counsel of an Elder is almost unheard of.

Ancients see the Souventis as admirable but short sighted. They view their protection of other races as noble, but think that if they took time to consider, there would be other avenues of accomplishing what they wish to do.

Ancients are fascinated by Seasonals. Their lives spans are but a blink yet they drink in so much of the world so quickly before they are gone. They are like embers floating from a bonfire. They are brilliant and beautiful. If they are not careful they might start a forest fire, but too often are gone before they can affect any great measure of change.

Along with all the races of Undead which the Ancients detest, the Willows also anger the Ancients. They see Willows as Seasonals who have tried to fight their passage through the Seasons. As such, they are out of phase with nature and a pale reflection of their younger siblings. This anger rarely results in violence but the enmity is notable.