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Souventis (Draconic)
    +1 to Stamina
    Natural Armor
    Natural Threshold
Believed to be able to speak with Dragons.
Runewood, Scales
Pay attention Hatchling!
"Soon you will have your first molting, your scales will harden and you will then be able to venture forth from our lands. You must learn our ways. Moreover, you need to know of the ways of others. Those other Races who chatter like the birds in the sky and bleat like sheep in the fields, do not have the capacity to communicate like us and have not our purpose. While we look to continue the heritage and prove ourselves worthy to it, those races look for their individual glory. Their pride drives them to make names for themselves, to drape themselves in glory. We do not pursue glory. We hold to and prize honor. We shall prove we are worthy of our heritage and prove ourselves worthy of our gifts through our actions, not the noises we make. We shall make the name Souventis proud.”

Ages ago, before man began to walk upright and form tribes, cultures, and kingdoms, the lands were ruled by Dragons. They commanded the lands and nature itself. These being were power incarnate. Each being became an aspect of the world itself. Abner the White Dragon was embodiment of Light, Achyls the Black Dragon embodiment of Dark, Aizza the Golden Dragon the Embodiment of Life, Mabuz the Silver Dragon of Death, Adan the Green Dragon of Earth, Aira the Yellow Dragon of Air, Assan the Blue Dragon of Water, and Adar the Red Dragon of Fire. Each pair the opposite of the other, male and female together, formed the world. Their voices formed the lands, created the forests, the mountains, the oceans, the winds. They caused life and death, darkness and light.
As the lesser races began to populate the world, the Great Dragons planned to take to the Stars. However, they looked to the races and, seeing them as young and barbaric, felt they needed a guide and a source to protect and consult. The Dragons consulted each other and formed the Souventis. Being the creation of Dragons gives the Souventis several advantages. Once they reach adulthood, they are considered a hearty race with natural armor and great stamina. In addition, they can communicate with each other telepathically with limited range and ability. The down side of this power is that they use little spoken communication and tend only to do so after having carefully considered their words.
Souventis are protectors. They view themselves as the eldest of the races inhabiting Crux. Most take that responsibility of protecting and mentoring literally. While this outlook appears very positive, there is always a darker side to intent. Some may take this responsibility to mean that the younger races need to be challenged in order to reach their full potential and if they do not rise to that challenge they will cull the weak in order further the strength of the races.

Your Lineage and Profession:
Souventis tend to prefer professions that help them to fulfill their roles as protectors and mentors. Souventis tend to affect the colors of the Dragons they are descended from. Nature based Souventis are almost always found protecting Seasonals. While other colors will protect Seasonals as well, the Nature based Souventis tend to have a greater affinity to do so. While opposed elements do not have any inclination toward hatred of the other there is a sibling rivalry that exists between the opposed elements.

Advantages & Disadvantages:
Souventis have natural armor in the form of scales. This allows them to be very effective in combat. In addition they have increased stamina aiding them in combat and being able to guard their charges effectively. Finally, Souventis can communicate on a limited basis telepathically with other Souventis. This is limited by their ability to focus in certain situations. The natural armor drawback is that it is more difficult to wear crafted armor. Finally, since they are born communicating telepathically, Souventis prefer this communication. Spoken language is clumsy for them and as such they very carefully choose their words and speak infrequently.
All Souventis are bound by Codes of Honor. This does not mean they are all “Good” it means that they will adhere to precepts of honor. An “Evil” Souventis will tell the truth, but may omit facts. If asked they will be honest or say nothing but they will not violate the precepts of their code.

Common Knowledge:
Souventis have the reputation as the strong silent type. When they do speak they are generally listened to due to not doing so often or without great thought. Honor is a definitive portion of their culture and to insult a Souventis’ honor is likely to be met with immediate repercussions. They do not seek glory for their deeds as they prefer to look at their actions as maintaining the heritage of the Great Dragons they have descended from in guiding the younger races. Certain colored Souventis favor certain magics and professions while others seem to have difficulties with traditionally opposed magics. (For example a Red Souventis would excel in Fire magic but have difficulty with Water).

The Souventis view themselves as the direct descendants of the Great Dragons. They view themselves as inheritors of the burden of guiding and protecting the other races. This does not mean all Souventis believe that that Guardianship needs to be simply one of protection and mentorship. Some view it as their responsibility to challenge the other races to rise to their full potential.

Thoughts on the other races of August:
Souventis, as mentioned before, generally get along with each other. Opposed elements may have some level of rivalry, though it is more akin to that among siblings. So long as honor is adhered to, they will get along well. A Souventis which has given up or betrayed their honor is an outcast, other Souventis will actively hunt them.

One of the older of the “new” races. Souventis view the Ancients if not as equals, then closest on the island that would apply to. Generally they will be protected mainly by Green Souventis as the connection to Earth is strong. The Souventis appreciate their view of the world due to their long lived natures.

Of all the races the Souventis protect, they do so most with the Seasonals. This is because they believe their Creators also created the Seasonals. Souventis were created as guardians; the Seasonals were created by the Great Dragons just before they left for the stars to give the Souventis purpose. Seasonals experience the full magic of the world, drinking it in experiencing it so intensely due to the magic that created them that their lifespans are short. As such, the Souventis try to shield them from as much pain and suffering as they can. Seen as the younger sibling, the Souventis will live and die to protect their kin.

It is not anger that the Souventis feel for the Willows but pity. They see Willows as Seasonals who have tried to fight their passage through the Seasons. As such they are out of phase with nature and a pale reflection of their younger siblings. When they chose to protect them, it is so they do not have to suffer more than they already have.