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Ancients +1 Vitality
Souventis +1 Stamina
Seasonals +1 Arcane
Willows +2 Spirit
mystic and runic wood


Aged tree-like people. These ancient people have a lifetime which spans upwards of 400 years. Every hundred years their form changes, so it is easy to tell which centennial they are in. See the entire
Ancient Race Packet .


Arguably the closest descendants of the great dragons, these creature are seldom seen without a Seasonal, of which they are the guardians. Their scales give them a distinct advantage in combat, but it also makes it difficult for them to wear armor. Their true intellect is not known as they aren't very talkative and mostly just follow their Seasonals, much like pets. See the entire
Souventis Race Packet .


These beautiful creatures get their name from their distinct marking which change with the seasons. They are almost never seen without their Draconic guardian. It is rumored that these creatures are linked by more than just a pet or guardian relationship, but they seldom engage in conversation on this matter so it is difficult to ascertain the truth of it. See the entire
Seasonal Race Packet .


Spirit folk. Their pale skin and platinum hair make them appear almost see through, though they are quite tangible. There have only been known to be females of this race and just as the Seasonals are thought to be bastardized Ancients, so the Willows are thought to be Cursed Seasonals. See the entire
Willow Race Packet .