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Only we can fix what has become of us
“We knew what this Isle was. We knew from the beginning. Others tried to hide from it. We realized it and capitalized. We wear our knowledge on our faces. We have consumed their doubts, their knowledge, their strength, and their flesh. All that remains are the Darconé. They too knew what this Isle was. That is why only the two of us remain. Their flesh is hard on the outside like the stone it appears to be. But their hearts are flesh like the rest. We will preserve our selves, we will survive and dominate this Isle. From there we will have a safe haven to interact with the rest of Crux. Then our battles will be over and we will be free to explore.”
The Isle of Stone is different from almost all of the Isles of Crux. It hosts only two separated races. More accurately it hosts only two races presently. The Darconé and the Cantoré are all that remain. The other races have been hunted to extinction by these two, and they remain mortal enemies. Cantoré face the Darconé on the Isle vying for dominance. The Cantoré view it as a battle for their very survival. The Cantoré feel as if the Darconé have hunted them from the beginning of the First Age. Many feel once they have ended the Darconé they will be able to find peace.
Cantoré are a fierce people. When they defeat a great enemy they will tattoo their faces with more of a magical design. This tattoo begins with the first mark being received as a passage to adulthood. This is usually a challenge involving hunting a great beast or vanquishing a foe in battle. In addition they will consume their enemies. They believe by doing this they gain the strength and knowledge of their foes. That being said it is not martial prowess but knowledge that comprises the rulers of the Cantoré. It is anathema among the Cantoré to go against the will of the Council of Elders. In addition they take very good care of their sick and their weak. They believe all Cantoré can contribute to society.
The Cantoré battles against the other races they have eliminated on the Isle of Stone and their continued rivalry against the Darconé has formed a tight society. They have great trust in each other and have developed Arcane expertise through these trials. It has also led to their reduced numbers as compared to the other races of Crux. Cantoré have also become experts at using Magics that cause damage directly to a person’s body. They are one of the few races on Crux who do not immediately view this practice as barbaric and a corruption of magic. This is due to their battles against the Darconé and the Darconé ability to be healed by magical damage.
Cantoré can differ in appearance like humanoids but all of them share distinctive magical tattoos on their faces. The larger these tattoos are the greater prestige among their peers. Usually these tattoos represent their own accomplishments. Occasionally these tattoos will be added by a group in remembrance of a great deed by a fallen comrade they were present for.

Choosing your Lineage and Profession:
Cantoré are a tribal culture where age is the primary determiner of respect. If one has survived on the Isle of Stone this long they are worthy of respect. This Council of Elders rules the Cantoré. In addition when outside of the Council almost always a younger Cantoré will yield to the decisions of an Elder Cantoré. Most Cantoré are Mages, this is partly due to their knowledge of wide array of offensive spells. Fighters and Rouges are the next most prevalent. Lastly Healers are rare but not unknown as they feel all knowledge will help them in battle against the Darconé.

Advantages & Disadvantages of being Cantoré:
Cantoré have an intimate knowledge of the Arcane Arts with respect to the school of Necromancy.
Advantages- Cantoré have a natural tendency towards the Arcane but their strength actually lies in their Spirit. Some say this is due to their constant ritual of consuming the hearts or other portions of their enemies. In addition they are the only society that does not view the casting of spells associated with Necromancy as a crime. As such they have greater proficiency in it than all other races.
Disadvantage- The Cantoré's proclivity to consume the flesh of their enemies is known and this makes them feared and mistrusted by other races of Crux. In addition, a Cantoré and a Darconé in the same area will almost always begin a battle to the death.

Common Knowledge:
Cantoré are known for their magical tattoos, consuming their enemies flesh, and casting what others view as dark magic. They are also usually not trusted by other races of Crux. Their war against the Darconé is known and the other races will either keep them apart or allow the fight to occur and minimize the damage to others.

Cantoré believe they have been created by The Inquisitor and placed on the Isle of Stone as a test. They feel that whoever gains dominance will be The Inquisitors chosen and have solved the test placed before them.
A few of the darker Cantoré worship The Conspirator in private. They feel whoever takes control of the Isle is The Conspirators chosen to begin the conquest of the rest of Crux. They follow the same belief of respect for Elders but place those that worship the Conspirator above the other Elders and believe this Council will come to prominence once the Darconé are defeated

Thoughts on the other races of Stone :
Cantoré have only one other race on their Isle and they are their ancient enemy, the only one who has survived their purge, the Darconé . There is no quarter asked and no quarter given between the two races. It will take exceptional reasons for members of these two races to not immediately engage in combat to the death if they see each other.