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    +1 to Stamina
    Immune to Paralyze
    Stone Form
Single Tribe
Healed by Magic
The other Isles' foolishness will not infect us.
"Some cooperate, some look to rule over the others, some are content being neighbors. They do not know what the Isle of Stone does. The monstrosities that were placed here that would have infected Crux had we not been placed as guardians. There is one that has infected Crux because it survived. Some of them have left the Isle this is our fault, and our shame. They say we look like monsters, but they wear their monstrous history upon their faces. They will point to our visage and say we resemble Gargoyles, creatures carved from Stone to ward off evil. They do not know how right they are."
The Isle of Stone is different from almost all of the Isles of Crux. It hosts only two separated races. More accurately it hosts only two races presently. The Darconé and the Cantoré are all that remain. The other races have been hunted to extinction by these two who remain, and these two remain mortal enemies. Darconé believe they were constructed, born by the Great Dragons and carved from the Stone of Crux itself and animated. They view themselves as the Guardians of Crux protecting others from the races that were on the Isle of Stone. Legends speak of Elven explorers who saw a great battle between Darconé and one of the extinct species of the Isle and that was the inspiration for Gargoyles on the great structures elsewhere on Crux. The creatures the Darconé fought were so fearsome, and loathsome the explorers fled rather than make landing.
Darconé very much have a structure where the strongest rules; might makes right as it has always been on the Isle of Stone. While they view themselves as defenders of Crux this does not mean all Darconé are or have been benevolent. They defend Crux as they see it by committing genocide on the other Races of the Isle. It is likely even before the other Isles were discovered this was done in an effort to dominate the Isle. Whether they adhere to the belief that they are protectors or conquerors is up for the individual Darconé to decide.
The Darconé battles against the other races they have eliminated, and their continued rivalry against the Cantoré has formed a tight society with great martial proficiency. It has also led to their reduced numbers as compared to the other races of Crux. In both appearance and texture their stone-like hides give them a threshold of protections. Being raised and trained for combat gives them a bonus to Stamina. As a side effect of their continued battle with the Cantoré, Darconé are healed by magical damage. This is both a bonus and a negative as healing magic has no effect on them. Unfortunately, also due to this upbringing and the history of the Isle of stone they tend to not engage in compromise. They believe elimination of their enemies is the only way to protect their race.
Darconé can differ some in appearance but all resemble gargoyles in that they have stone like forms, almost all have horns, and some have fangs as well. All share pointed ears and a grey skin tone, some of which is mottled with black like granite. Most have some representation of wings, though they vary greatly in size.

Choosing your Lineage and Profession:
Darconé have a tribal system with one Chieftain in charge of the race. Almost all are Fighters and the most proficient are the leaders of the tribes. Some smaller and less hardy of the race will choose rouges. Mages fill out the next rank as they function as healers among them. Healers are rare, but as they have begun to travel some have taken on this mantel to help others. There are a few however who will attempt to break this mold and feel if they could wield greater magic they might be able to help their race.

Advantages & Disadvantages of being Darconé:
Darconé are strong by necessity. Advantages- Darconé have an enhanced Stamina and are immune to paralyzing effects. In addition their natural forms give them a degree of protection and they are able to prctically solidify and become statues if necessary to avoid being damaged. The nature of their creation allows them to be healed by magic spells which would normally damage other creatures.
Disadvantage- Their last advantage also serves as a disadvantage. While being healed by magical damage is a benefit they are unable to benefit from healing as a result of this. This does not affect other spells so death spells, root, shield etc. would affect them as normal.

Common Knowledge:
Darconé are viewed by many as evil based solely upon their appearance. Others will immediately believe they are protectors also based upon how closely they resemble gargoyles. Many know better and that there are good and bad among them as there is with every race. What is universally known is if a Cantoré and a Darconé are in the same vicinity it is likely blood will flow.

Darconé worship the Great Guardian Dragons as their creators. They believe they were chosen to protect the rest of Crux from the races that originated on their Isle and believe their war with the Cantoré is needed to protect Crux to this day. This has blinded them to the monstrosities they have committed in the name of “protecting” Crux. Some are not blinded but see these actions as needed to protect those who could not protect themselves. There are whispers among others that it was not the Great Dragons who created the Darconé.
A few Darconé have seen the blood that has been shed on the Island and as a result have been corrupted and will worship The Horror. Those that do worship The Horror see that the actions of their Race has served the Horror from some time since they have abandoned the options of a peaceful existence and seeking only to eliminate the Cantoré. Those who follow the Horror simply believe that they have stripped away the pretense from the decisions of their race.

Thoughts on the other races of Stone :
Darconé have only one other race on their Isle and they are their ancient enemy, the only one who has survived their purge, the Cantoré . There is no quarter asked and no quarter given between the two races. It will take exceptional reasons for members of these two races to not immediately engage in combat to the death if they see each other.