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Darconé +1 Strength
Cantoré +1 Spirit
Darconé are extra strong.
Cantoré are intensely spiritual.


These grey colored, stone-skinned creatures are what some would describe as gargoyle-like. This is due to how they came into being. They were created as magical constructs, like golems, by very powerful arcane magics hundreds of years ago to be guardians of a protected race. Because they are magical in nature, they do not age though their bodies do become worn and tarnished over time, so others are somewhat able to determine their age. They have no determinable lifespan, but there are only a few of them left in existence as the magics of how to create them have been lost for centuries now. They have talon or claw-like hands along with great strength which make them vicious fighters. Though they are not entirely mindless, they tend to fight and hunt with a seemingly insatiable hunger as if driven by a master to war. While they are alive, they may rest and focus in order to mend their stony bodies with arcane magic. See the entire Darconé Race Packet .


These Arcane tattooed humanoids are believed to be the inventor os Necromancy, but there is no magical proof or evidence of this. However, they do possess magic which specifically affects the Darconé. They are highly spiritual beings who hunt, kill and even consume the flesh of their enemies. Their tribal markings, a symbol of their conflicts and conquests. While they possess a great spirit, they are known for their Arcane knowledge and practice of the Necromantic Arts. See the entire Cantoré Race Packet .