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    +1 Agility
    Keening Ward
    Wraith Form
    Purpose through Will
Their Spirits have no constitution
Spirit Gem
To not know fear is to become it
ďThe rest of the Isle of the Undead look at us, and know fear. The Isle that terrifies the rest of Crux fears us. Let that be known, that more than anything else is our greatest strength. The rest of the Isle needed another force, a benefactor to return to the living. We do it through force of will through our own tirelessness, our own refusal to give into the dark. The Feeders nominally lead this Isle. They do not lead us. No one holds dominion over you. Nothing but your own chosen purpose that drew you back to Crux can drive you. Your will, your Destiny is your own. It was different for all of us in some way, but in others exactly the same. Some saw a bright light, others darkness, some a great hall, others their ancestors. All of us knew we were dying. Our Spirit was leaving the World of Crux. As it happened the decision was made. No! It was not my time. I would not let what occurred on Crux pass. It was then we turned our back on our reward, or our punishment. We through force of will, through sacrifice of spirit returned to Crux. Here we shall make things as they should be.Ē

Who created the first Kaezen is a trick question. Kaezen were not created by another. They were the first beings who had the sheer force of will to return their spirit to Crux and form a body with nothing but the constitution of their personality. These beings are few and far between and always driven by a great wrong or tragedy. While this might not be truly a tragedy to others it is in the mind of the Kaezen itself a great injustice.
The other races on the Isle of the Undead had someone who was the engine of creation for them. Powerful Casters, True Vampires, sometimes even Deities. Kaezen accomplished this themselves some used rituals as their death neared others used their will, and some few others their rage. As their death came they refused it and returned to the world in their new form.
Understand the Kaezen in life may have been a good person, struck down unjustly and any rational person would see what fueled their desire for revenge. Sometimes though, this rage is justified only in that Kaezenís mind. For example, a Kaezen could have been a serial murderer who killed without remorse. They were captured and executed but whatever dark force drove them to kill now makes them feel that their work was not done, could not be done, and those who executed them were blind to their cause and need to be included in their scourge. It is not the truth or the situation as many would see it, but it is not the perception of the masses that matters, it is the perception of the Kaezen.
The Kaezenís personality is determined by the creature they were prior to returning. There are subtle differences however. There was something that focused and manifested their will. Sometimes this desire is benevolent. To protect someone or something they hold dear, a desire to give a message to a loved one, a need to set something right. More usually there is a malevolent bent to this desire. A need for vengeance, wanting to retake an heirloom, seeing a selfish ambition unfulfilled.
Whatever this purpose is, it drove the Kaezen it, fueled them to reform themselves through pure will and desire. They will pursue this purpose above all else. This is the main thing that has prevented both the Feeders from subjugating the Kaezen and taking over the Isle, but has also prevented a race as willful and skilled as the Kaezen from uniting to then unite the Isle.
Kaezen not only remember their old lives, unlike some of the Isle of the Undead they also retain and are in fact driven by their emotions. This leads them to be sought out by some of the Isle to try and see if they can help them recapture this ability themselves. Sometimes Kaezen will explore this, usually in exchange for assistance with whatever their own obsession is, more often than not though they are embroiled in their own schemes.
If the Kaezenís purpose is fulfilled rather than being satiated they will expand their vision. If for example they were looking for revenge against a bandit that killed themselves and their family they will then look to perhaps draw their family back from the Null to Crux, or more likely kill the family of the bandits and eliminate their line root and stem. If either of those august tasks were to be accomplished then they would look perhaps to turn back the hands of time itself so their family was whole and alive, or eliminate the entire race of their attackers. If this purpose does not grow the Kaezen would fade and return to beyond the Null.
Kaezen can appear in many different forms; however, all have somewhat of an ethereal appearance. This manifests normally in a ghastly white skin, sometimes accompanied by clear white eyes. Their clothes usually are frayed and tattered giving them the appearance of the restless dead.

Choosing your Lineage and Profession:
All Kaezen were formerly humanoids of some type that were killed or died then reformed themselves into a Kaezen driven by their own will and purpose. They do not age any longer but require their purpose or will fade and return to the Null if they do not have one. Due to how they are themselves manifested, they tend to take on Professions towards Mages, and Healers, however, Rouges and Fighters are not unknown among them.

Advantages & Disadvantages of being Kaezen:
Advantages- Kaezen do not age. Because they vary so greatly in what drove them and still drives them to remain on Crux and it can take many different forms. Their natural stealth of movement gains them a bonus to their Agility. In addition, due to what they experience in returning from the Null they are able to suspend the death of mortals by focusing their will over a dying body.
Disadvantage- The disadvantages of their new form are a decrease in Spirit. This is from the process of their recreation. It takes a huge toll on their Spirit as they reform themselves from nothing and without the aid of a benefactor or sponsor of some sort. In addition, if their purpose is fulfilled they will need to expand upon it or return to the Null.

Common Knowledge:
Kaezen are viewed by many as the restless dead. They are renowned for their strength of will and drive. Some believe, and in some cases correctly, they are tethered to certain items or places. While not true of all it is true for some. This has led some who look to rid themselves of the attention of Kaezen to try and destroy these tethers which will only further anger and strengthen the attention that Kaezen gives them.

Kaezen can come from any belief system on Crux and almost all pattern their worship after something they did in life, or will follow the belief that they are servants of the Null. Occasionally, Kaezen will begin to believe they are outside of the forces of Crux or a Deity in their own right and rather than worship one will seek to find others to believe in their own divinity.

Thoughts on the other races of Undead:
Kaezen are in general either feared or respected by the others of the Isle of the Undead. Their ability to return without the aid of an outside force is looked up to. Where Feeders tend to rule by fear and force, if the Kaezen were ever to unite they would be followed out of fear, but also respect. Many are viewed as mentors and even oracles.

Kaezen view Feeders as jumped up servants. Their contempt is bare shielded. While Feeders believe they rule the Island, Kaezen make no secrets of not following or respecting many of them. They believe, whether the Feeders know it or not, they are all pawns of their creators.

Kaezen will give a measure of respect to Constructs. This is in part because of the respect the Constructs have for the Kaezen. In addition Constructs if their purpose is fulfilled can easily be convinced by Kaezen to become soldiers in that Kaezenís own cause.

Kaezen pity the Plagued. Many will upon first meeting ask if the Plagued wish to be freed. They view them as enslaved and lacking the courage to fight against those that bond them or to end their existence and return to the Null.