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    +1 to Vitality
    Healed by Feeding
    Gaseous Form
    by Masters
Undead Affinity
    Can grow weak if they don't feed
Vampyre blood
Looks like meat is back on the menu!
“They call us Feeders to try and assuage their fears. They tell themselves we are not the greatest predator on Crux. They name us Feeders so they sleep better at night. You see, on an instinctual level they all fear being eaten. It is why they gather near their fires hoping to keep the beasts at bay. We do not fear their fires, or their spears. We will travel to the heart of where they feel safe and take them. We will feast upon them. Others use the name Feeders to prevent from having to call themselves what they truly are: Prey.”

Ages past in the Null they stirred. The Conspirator, and The Horror saw the Great Dragons planned to leave the World. They made their attempt at conquest and attempted to conquer the Null and Crux. Through great battle and sacrifice they were defeated. This was simply a setback for beings such as these. They have Ages to plan. So they began again. Humanoid beings came into the Null. Some of these possessed great rage at having passed. These humanoids made deals with The Conspirator. Each of these deals was the same. They would be returned to life or a semblance of it. In, return they agreed when the time came they would serve their masters. Each Humanoid that agreed became a Vampire. These beings grew in power and were charged with growing the Armies of the Adversaries. They could create being like them but not quite as powerful. These beings are the Feeders.
Feeders could be considered lesser vampires. At creation they are pale reflections of their progenitors. Over time they grow in power. If they were ever to gain the power, allies, and resources to kill and feed off of their progenitor they could take their place. No Feeder has ever been able to accomplish this task.
Most Feeders are aware of their progenitor and aware of the fact they agreed to be changed into what they are. Feeders are usually near death, or brought near death before being created. They all are given the option to go into the Null or have their existence changed. They all had some vengeance or similar reason to sell themselves and their morality to avoid death. As such now they feed on the living to maintain their existence.
Most Feeders are unaware of the grave compact made between the progenitors of their lines and The Horror and The Conspirator. Many of them would not necessarily want to look to enslave the rest of Crux but it is unknown if they will be able to avoid the commands of these ancient beings. Some true Vampires have the ability to cloud and control others’ minds. Whether this means they are able to on a large scale and turn all the Feeders into an army is unknown, perhaps even to the vampires themselves.
In exchange for their hunger Feeders receive several benefits. They do not age further than their being brought into undeath; in addition they have increased Vitality in their new form. The cost is not just the price of having to feed on blood to restore themselves their, Spirit as well suffers.
Even being unaware of the pact made between their progenitors and the darker forces in the Null Feeders still feel the effects. Having been created by creatures whom will one day be called to turn against Crux can cause many members of this race to embrace darker aspects of their nature. Almost all of them when first created have a promise or vengeance they are set on keeping. Once they have fulfilled that task the full weight of their choice to embrace this existence sets in. Sometimes this drives even the most well-meaning of the Feeders to darkness. Those who continue to seek the Light are truly creatures of great will, purpose, or faith.

Your Pact:
All Feeders were formerly humanoids of some type that made a pact with a True Vampire. These are immensely powerful beings who have made compacts Ages ago with The Conspirator. During the moment of their creation they were given a choice and chose to become a Feeder. They may not have known the full consequences, but they did have a choice. Due to their long lives, and increased Vitality Feeders can be any profession although they tend toward Fighters and Rogues. Mages would be next most common followed lastly by Healers.

Advantages & Disadvantages of being a Feeder:
Advantages- Feeders are immortal in that they do not age past when they were transformed. Their new form gives them increased Vitality as well. They are able to heal even from great wounds by feeding on blood.
Disadvantage- The disadvantages of their new form are a decrease in Spirit. In addition while not injured by it sunlight can be uncomfortable for Feeders. Finally as it is an advantage it can also be a disadvantage Feeders are not healed by normal means they must feed on blood.

Common Knowledge:
Feeders are very much believed to be Vampires. Most just assume they are lesser powered vampires, and this is not far from the truth. They tend to be universally feared and distrusted. Generally, they are viewed as the de facto leader of the Isle of the Undead.

Feeders can come from any belief system on Crux and almost all pattern their worship after something they did in life. Usually they have corrupted it in some way. If they worshiped the Father in life they will worship The Horror or Conspirator in undeath. If they worshiped the Great Dragon of Life while living they now Worship the Great Dragon of Death. Some have decided to worship the True vampires that have created them.
Not all Feeders have turned to the dark. They have accepted what they are but try and still serve in the light. They use the powers granted by their new form to try and advance good in the world. They feed only upon those who are willing or their fallen enemies, or those who are deemed to be evil. Some of these Feeders find themselves running afoul their brethren as fellow Feeders see them as deluded.
Most Feeders who leave the Isle of the Undead to travel among adventurers will either adhere to only feeding upon evil and fallen enemies. This does not necessarily mean they are “Good” rather than “Evil”. It just means they are more likely to follow a code regarding their habits on feeding to help avoid unneeded conflicts.

Thoughts on the other races of Undead:
Feeders generally form alliances among themselves. Some feel these reflect the whims of their vampire masters others feel they have free will in whom they choose to ally with. Disputes are usually settled through discourse rather than violence. When violence is a forgone conclusion there is usually a duel to reduce bloodshed. When the duel is decided in the winner feeds upon the loser, consuming them. There is no benefit given to the winner but a final showing of superiority. For immortal beings to take a dispute to this level the animosity has to be truly all encompassing.

Feeders look at the Plagued as truly cursed creatures and a lesser form of existence. Most Feeders view them as fodder if the Isle ever decided to go to war against other forces on Crux.

Most Feeders look at Constructs as a lesser sibling. They do not have as critical a view of them as the Plagued but also do not quite view them as equals. The Feeders appreciate the physical prowess of Constructs but feel while they could act as lieutenants for the Isle, the Feeders are the Generals.

Feeders have a respect for the Kaezen but also a healthy fear. The Feeders needed their progenitor to free them from the Null. Kaezen have somehow managed to do so themselves. They are not fully bound to Crux as their form suggests, but they can still affect the people and the lands. The force of will they project is worthy of respect.