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Feeders: +1 Vitality, -1 Spirit
    Healed by Feeding
Plagued: +! Arcane, -1 Spirit
    Immune to Curse
Constructs: +1 Stamina, -1 Spirit
    Immune to Drain
Kaezen: +1 Agility, -1 Spirit
    Keening Ward
Undead races require special means in order to resurrect or return to the game.
Sspirit vials and gems
This Island of Undead is populated by Feeders, Plagued, Constructs and Kaezen.

Resources of the Island are....


Vampires of a sort... The most common of undead known to the living. Sometimes called Vampires, these undead have a seemingly unending hunger for fresh blood. They will feed on fallen victims until the point of the victim's death. See the entire
Feeder Race Packet .


Zombies/Walkers/Ghouls etc... Their sunken faces and gaunt bodies give them a corpse-like look. A strange breed of undead believed to be formerly dead humanoids well into their decomposition phase that have somehow been preserved at that state and become reanimated walking dead. See the entire
Plagued Race Packet .


Skeletons... The Frankenstein of the undead. These creatures are sometimes completely skeletal in appearance, but mostly comprised of various pieces of dead corpses. See the entire
Construct Race Packet .


Spectres/Non-Corporeal... Ghosts. These frail, lithe creatures are sometimes mistaken for spirits because of their transluscent skin and the way they seem to float when they move. Due to their naturally frail physical form, they often avoid physical contact and prefer the powers of magic to deliver death to their enemies. See the entire
Kaezen Race Packet .