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    +1 to Stamina
    Immune to Drain
    Chipped Armor
Undead Affinity
Unnatural bones
ThoughI have fallen I stand again... stronger... forever.
“On Crux some beings search for their entire lives to determine their purpose. Why were they born, hatched, or created. These beings search for fulfillment in duty, ambition, drink and food. They look to serve a concept perhaps, or a Great Dragon which left, or an aspect of the Null. We know why we were created. Our purpose is clear we are greater than the sum of our parts. We are Constructs.”
Who created the first Construct is lost to time. Some say it was a True Vampire, other say it was a powerful Conspiromancer. Some say it was the Horror themselves. It is known now Constructs are formed from a powerful spell, time, magical components, and pieces of the dead. Some Constructs have been experimented on. Rather than being flesh of different creatures on Crux they have had some pieces formed of metal, wood, or stone sewn into them. For a Construct to function the Head and Heart of the same host must be used. If the Hosts heart is destroyed it might be cobbled together by a skilled Creator. Often times after great battles have been fought those with the skill to create Constructs will look to steal the corpses of great Heroes felled upon the field to use their bodies to house new Constructs. Very often they will place the head and heart of a particularly loyal follower in them. The result of this is that Constructs all begin with an increased Stamina.
The Construct personality is determined by the creature that has had their head and heart sewn into the Construct. From time to time however the Construct will experience flashes from the other being or beings that their bodies are constructed of. This can be triggered by any number of things, a certain smell, or sight, an experience or an encounter with someone who was important to that creature.
When created the Construct are servants to those who created them. These are beings of great power, usually whom they served in life. Very occasionally legends say The Horror will take action themselves and create a Construct for those who have served them sufficiently in life. This second life awaits them on the Isle of the Undead. These beings when they create the Construct will give the Construct purpose whether it is as a guardian, general, assassin, or simply a research assistant. This purpose helps to keep the Construct bound and created. If their master is ever destroyed or their original purpose fulfilled the Construct will have to find or be assigned a new purpose to keep functioning.
Constructs appearance can differ greatly depending on the process used to create them. However, to some degree or another each of them have a form that has been constructed. Some Constructs are elemental in nature so appearing to be metal, or stone, some piecemeal from other body parts.

Your Lineage and Profesison:
All Constructs were formerly humanoids of some type that were forged into a Construct. They were created and forged with a purpose they do not age any longer but require a purpose or will die if they do not have one. Due to how they are constructed they can be any profession although they tend toward Fighters and Rogues. Rarely Constructs will be Mages or Healers usually created as assistants who then develop ability in those fields.

Advantages & Disadvantages of being Constructed:
Advantages- Constructs do not age, and are always created of stout materials which accounts for their increased Stamina. The purpose they have imbued into them at creation also gives them a clear course of action. Due to the nature of their creation, a composition of other spirit fragments, Constructs are Immune to Drain. There are many theories on why this is, but it is most widely believed that because there are pieces of others used in creating Constructs that when Drain is attempted to be used on them it is unable to succeed due to not being able to affect all pieces of the Construct thus causing the effect to fail. This however also has the negative of their Spirits being weakened as no one Spirit is fully dominant and the Construct is tied to their purpose.
Disadvantage- The disadvantages of their new form are a decrease in Spirit. This is from the process of their creation, portions of the main Construct's Spirit has been sacrificed during their creation. Sometimes Constructs will see memories from other beings used in their creation. In addition if their purpose is fulfilled they will need to find another purpose quickly or die.

Common Knowledge:
Constructs are created for a purpose. They are usually the Sergeants at Arms for the Armies of the Isle of the Undead. Usually they are looked at with the most patience and pity of those on the Isle of the Undead. Frequently they are seen in other areas of Crux being used as messengers, or bodyguards.

Constructs can come from any belief system on Crux and almost all pattern their worship after something they did in life, or will follow the belief of their creators. Occasionally when their original purpose is completed Constructs will choose a Deity and make being their servant on Crux their purpose exemplifying that Deities tenants.

Thoughts on the other races of Undead:
Constructs have less a connection to each other than the other races on the Isle of the Undead. They do not have the shared choices or trauma that other races have faced as such there is less binding them. Their interactions are usually governed more upon the relationships between their creators.

Constructs respect Feeders and their position of nominal leaders of the Isle of Undead. That being said their first loyalty is to their creator. This is part of why the Isle of the Undead has yet to unite as have the humans.

Constructs feel a connection to Plagued. They both have been returned to life by means without their consent. Constructs have the benefit of having a creator who tailored their new form, the Plauged have gone through a trial of body and spirit. As such the Constructs feel protective of what they feel are their younger siblings.

Constructs are amazed by Kaezen. Where Constructs are a Spirit in a created form Kaezen as far as they can tell are a Spirit made into a form. This is a force of will beyond all others on the Isle and as a result produces a fear and respect among the Isle, however their perceived instability also makes others wary.