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Ilsk: +1 Vitality
    Immune to water attacks
Phistian: +1 Arcane
    Healed by Water
Siphonte: +1 Arcane
    Immune to Binding
Orsienne: +1 Arcane
    Immune to Control
Ilsk are highly susceptible to lightning.
Phistian can hold their breath for up to an hour.
Siphonte are maleable creatures which can absorb damage.
Orsienne are attuned to the wind.
Flammable oil (kerosene)


The Lizard-folk of Ocanna. They are adept at travelling through water, especially swamplike conditions. Their rough scales on their skin gives them a small measure of protection. They are often tribal or clan oriented when it comes to community. Their tails ad balance to their natural fighting prowess. See the entire
Ilsk Race Packet .


The Merfolk of Ocanna. These aquatic humanoids are also very agile in water and they may even breath while underwater through the gills usually found on their necks or under their arms. They seem to be somewhat adept at both magic and fighting, though few would claim to be warriors as they are a very peaceful race. See the entire
Phistian Race Packet .


Sand creature. Their skin glistens with specs of sand and crystal. Each is born knowing the day they will die, which they call their Day of Dissolution. After serving some form of worship, they willfully walk out into the sea and are returned to the ocean, which they deem their origin. See the entire
Siphonte Race Packet .


The Bird, a delicate creature naturally in tune with the wind. The orsienne dislike conflict and tend to avoid it where possible. See the entire
Orsienne Race Packet .