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Knowing the end, means you are never in waiting.
The Siphonte are quite literally the building blocks upon which Ocanna was created. The most ancient of the Island, they actually existed just slightly before the land itself. Much like all the creatures of Ocanna, the Siphonte were born of the sea. Unlike the other residents however, their origin is shrouded in mystery, to even the Siphonte. They choose, in their wisdom, not to speculate, but only to enjoy their time before their Day of Dissolution. They are a peaceful folk who are particularly fond of, and proficient with magic.

Like Sands in the Hourglass:
One might think, that being aware of your hour of death would stifle your ability to live. Waiting for death to come, and tragedy to strike. The Siphonte, however, embrace this knowledge and know exactly how much time they have to live out their life, grow families, and achieve their dreams.
The skin of the Siphonte is covered in flecks of sand and crystal, they share a biological connection to the same sands that line the beach. The Siphonte grew into a quiet people, focusing on magic and learning, while the Ilsk were their aggressive brethren, and proud family in juxtaposition. Where the Siphonte could do smaller, finer tasks, such as the creation of their exquisite jewelry, weaving of magic, or simply their timeless wisdom, the Ilsk protected them with brute force as a tradition for helping bring their people into the world.

The Harenarcem:
On the island of Ocanna there are several large structures entirely made out of sand, houses of magical practice and education. These houses were referred to as “The Harenarcem”.
Each year, Ocanna has a mighty storm of lightning and rain. On the eve of this sacred storm, one which replinishes the island’s vegetation, the Siphonte gather together and build a mighty structure, or as some outside of their island may ignorantly refer to it, ‘a sand castle’. The structure is weak, being only wet sand, but the Siphonte stay awake, and build and build in shifts, patching weak spots, and adding to its mighty height. Eventually, as the structure surpasses the Harenarcem of the previous year, it becomes the highest point on their side of the island. As the lightning storms roll in, eventually, it is struck by lightning and forms the official Harenarcem, a beautiful structure comprised completely of lightning glass; a glass sandy and gritty as the Siphonte themselves, but as hard and stable as rock.
The Harenarcem are studious places of learning, and just outside them are the market places, as the Harenarcem are usually the hub of activity among the Siphonte people. Trading with their brethren, the Ilsk, they are proficient at making and crafting fine jewelry, often enchanting it with their magics.

Advantages & Disadvantages of being Siphonte:
In combat, the Siphonte, though not necessarily the warriors of the island, they are immune to quiet a bit of damage. Their abilty to absorb stone has protected them for ages in fights with those who would set upon the island (even when the native fauna gets rowdy!). When a stone or rock is thrown at a Siphonte, their unique form absorbs the stone and it becomes sand. As such, occasionally the Siphonte will join several of the Ilsk on a hunting trip for just such aid as absorbing this type of damage. Advantages-

The Day of Dissolution:
As has been mentioned, some part of the Siphonte is always aware of the day they will die. For most, this would assuredly be upsetting, but for the Siphonte themselves, this day poses no anxiety. They believe their Day of Dissolution is a great day when they are able to rest. Their journey is over, and they may once again rest with Mother Ocean.
The Day of Dissolution has evolved over the years, where once an elder would quietly slip away in the night to rejoin with the ocean, it has now turned into a grand celebration. The Siphonte all paint tribal moons on their faces to represent the slipping away in the evening, and the Dissolution Festival begins. Streamers, torches, stories, and song ignite the air as the festival rolls on. The guest of honor is the Siphonte who is going to dissolve that evening. They are given leis of flowers, and a crown of shells. Family and friends celebrate stories of their lives and sing songs of their accomplishment. Food and drink are had and goodbyes are said. The event is rarely somber, as the next Siphonte to be born is named after the last to Dissolve, believing that their sand has contributed to the blessing of the newest child.

Thoughts on the other races of Ocanna:
Siphonte know their time on this world is limited and spend each moment with great intent.

The Phistian and the Siphonte are not unlike live-in co-workers. The Phistians prowess with alchemy and the Siphonte’s affinity for magic make for a brilliant working relationship of learning and intelligence.

The Siphonte have a relationship with the Ilsk, not unlike a caregiver or parent with its child. That being said they do not interfere with interpersonal matters of the Ilsk tribes. They often invite one another to their Days of Dissolution and their Hatching days.

The Orsienne who typically keep to themselves, follow suit in meeting with the Siphonte to bring them music during their celebrations.