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Free as a bird.
The Orsienne keep mostly to themselves. Their intricate treetop villages sprawl all across Ocanna. Rope Bridges made of driftwood and dried sea grass for twine, the work in them is like no other. Stunning knot work woven into every aspect of their village. From roofs, to bridges, to the smallest detail in an expertly woven basket, the Orsienne are masters of weaving of all kinds. Then again, who would expect any less from a bird?
Their lineage stretches back as far as the Siphonte, but it would seem their music stretches back even further. Some say that if you listen to the music of the Orsienne with your eyes closed, you can hear the harmony of the waves of the beaches of Ocanna. For many on the island, the constant singing of the Orsienne is what completes Ocanna. Though they keep to themselves, their presence does not go unnoticed. Their villages are fairly basic, living humbly among one another delighting in their stories and creativity.
For all that the Ilsk are the warriors, the Siphonte are the Mage, and the Phistian are the alchemists, the Orsienne are certainly the artists of the island.
The simplest race of the island, the Orsienne wake up at dawn to begin singing their song of “Maten”. This is the song they use, and is believed by ALL on the island to be what causes the sun to rise. Similarly, their song of “Lannwit”, pronounced ‘lan-wee’, is the song the island believes to make the sun set, and the moon rise. A lunar calling on song if you will.

All of the Orsienne love music, some sing rather than write, and some skwak rather than sing, but beauty of music is in the ear of the beholder. The most profound singers take care of the Maten and Lannwit songs of the rise and set of the sun. When a ceremony is held on the island, the Orsienne typically make a show of good faith to sing at the event, but if there is bitterness between two particular clans, a very stern message is sent when the Orsienne do not arrive and there is no music.
Aside from the song birds, there are the watch birds. They stay up through the evening assuring all is well while the others sleep. They keep track of weather patterns and alert the island of incoming storms, both so the Siphonte may build their structures of lightning glass, and so the Ilsk may take refuge in their huts to avoid lightning. The watchers are particularly skilled as they have a natural resistance to wind.

Love Birds:
The Orsienne are blessed to be one of the more romantic races. They are each born with a song, not unlike a person's laugh. The song is unique to them, however, the song is also unfinished. When the Orsienne are of age, they sing their songs whenever they feel lonely to keep themselves company, ease loneliness, and help themselves sleep. When the time is right, their song will be sung at the same time as another of the Orsienne and their songs balance in perfect harmony, signifying their destiny to be together.
When two Orsienne find one another in harmony, it is called their “Chante Lanmou”. The other folk of the village erupt in song to congratulate such a momentous occasion and begin building the two their own home and preparing for a great celebration of unity.

Advantages & Disadvantages of being Orsienne:
When the Orsienne grow, some of them need to, well, spread their wings and fly, so to speak. Some are far less apprehensive about leaving their villages and choose a life of adventure. Unique to the Orsienne is their uncanny ability to remember their way home, no matter where they roam to, they will always find their hearth. An asset to any adventuring party for sure! Advantages-

Thoughts on the other races of Ocanna:
The orsienne dislike conflict and tend to avoid it where possible, keeping to themselves in their ornate treetop homes. The island of Ocanna thrives on balance and harmony. All of the races live amongst one another with the ebb and flow of the tides, the Orsienne, despite not actually living in the water are no different. The Orsienne are one with the wind, and often from the tree tops, their beautiful music can be heard.

The Phistian and the Orsienne seem to speak a similar language. While the Orsienne are one with the wind, the Phistian seem to relax and move with the ebb and flow of the tides. On occasion the Orsienne who hunt from the trees overlooking the waters by diving into the spray after their catch, will gain help from the Phistian who will round up a school of fish from beneath the waves.

The Orsienne and the Ilsk have some trade, but not a wide array of social interaction. The Ilsk will bring things from the ground world to the bird folk as a show of good faith for the weather reports the Orsienne relay to the Ilsk, keeping them out of harm's way when lightning storms roll in.

The Merriment is where the Siphonte and Orsienne collide. Their peaceful natures mesh quite well and the Orsienne often sing songs of blessings at the Siphontes Days of Dissolution and other ceremonies.