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    +1 to Arcane
    Healed by Water
    Resist Fire
Relax. Feel the ocean spray against your face. The sun on your skin. You fell asleep? A sun burn? We have something for that, my friend. The Phistian are all about relaxing. They are alchemists of the highest caliber, but much like the tides bring the flotsam to the shore, the universe brings knowledge to the Phistian when they are to learn. Do not rush, life is to be lived slowly and enjoyed.

Under the Sea:
The Phistian often live on the water's edge, some living in the surf itself, as they are capable of breathing beneath the waves as easily as on land. With gills beneath their arms and on their necks, navigating the surf is second nature. On any given day the Phistian can be found playing in the waves, or lying upon the beach soaking up sunlight. Many times, when they are playing in the surf, the Orsiene can be seen overhead searching for schools of fish. Quite easily, almost as if it were a game, the Phistian will herd the fish into a smaller school for easier hunting for both parties.
While the Phistian folk are certainly not anarchists, they do certainly reject the idea of rushing and hard work. “Ocanna will provide” tends to be a common response if questioned about their work ethic.
Materialism is also of little use to the Phistian. Bobbles of emotional importance or significance are often worn in woven necklaces and jewelry, but over all they are a simple folk just living each day in and out to experience all that Ocanna has to give them. She is their guide, and they are her followers.

A Little of This and a Pinch of That:
The Phistian are renowned alchemists on the Island of Ocanna. Their race has taken their time in learning their alchemical trade. As such, the Phistian have slowly become some of the best alchemists known to Ocanna. Over centuries of growth, the learning of brewing potions and solvents began. It all started with a simple strain of seaweed…
The history of the Phistian people says that a healing property of a particular seaweed was the first to be discovered, purely by mistake. While working the shore, a fisherman cut his foot upon a rock. Thinking nothing of the injury, he knew it needed to be wrapped. Seaweed would do, thought the grizzled Phistian, and he callously patched the plant around his wound so that he might return to work. Later that evening, before he was to slumber, he removed the seaweed to observe just what the damage was. Gone. The wound was gone! Well, surely this was just an isolated incident. But he tested the theory, and it proved again and again that this particular flora would aid in healing wounds. Fantastic.
Down the line, another Phistian, a woman, was picking berries from the bushes at the sea shore and pricked her finger on a thorn. She bled, but thought nothing of it. Continuing to pick berries, one was past ripeness and its juice tingled in the tiny hole the thorn left behind, and yet, the bleeding stopped.
Eventually, it occurred to the Phistian, that the berries, and the seaweed perhaps could be used in tandem. Stop the bleeding and close the wound! This evolved slowly into mashing the two together into a paste that would heal superficial wounds. And thus, their alchemy was born.
The Phistian however have never looked for alchemical components. Ocanna will deliver them when they are meant to learn. Let the tide bring them the things they should learn. They will look for signs, however, in everything. A pebble shaped like something familiar is a sign, they follow like clues, as if mother ocean were leaving a treasure map for them to lead them each to discovery and destiny.

Advantages & Disadvantages of being Phistian:

Life is a Wave, Let's Catch It:
The Phistian can often be found by one of their many iconic fire pits. Large pires built of drift wood are built so that the fires of their spirits may touch the stars. Around these fires, alchemical herbs are burned in the center and it is said that the Phistian will communicate with Ocanna. They speak to her, dance for her, and tell her stories about their day. They make requests of her, and listen for her requests for them. Their life is simple and driven by the waves.

Thoughts on the other races of Ocanna:

The Siphonte: The Phistians prowess with alchemy and the Siphonte’s affinity for magic make for a brilliant working relationship of learning and intelligence. The Phistian do not necessarily work at the same pace as the Siphonte, which can sometimes be a catalyst for tension.

The Ilsk: In their relaxed sense of life, the Phistian appreciate possibly more than anything, the Ilsk’s ability and desire to protect the island. They will often deliver healing salves and the like to them as a thank you for their efforts. Both races are the only two who can breathe underwater, and as such share the ocean front.

The Orsienne: The Phistian and the Orsiene will often work together in a hunting relationship in the spray. They both appreciate the need to relax. As the Orsienne are one with the wind, the Phistian are one with the water. They both have their tides, and they both move where their element takes them.