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    +1 Vitality
    Immune to Poison
    Charged Slam

To turn your back is to invoke attack.
“Oh your friends were doing it so you decided to go along? I might as well clip your horns and sheer you! You are Balteraan! You chart your own course, you make up your own mind! Don’t roll your eyes at me, and if you think you are going to out stubborn me on this young man, you have another thing coming.”

The Isle of Oakhaven is unique among the Isles of Crux. Those who inhabit this Island are Bipedal, Intelligent animals who have evolved or gained greater sentience than their animal brethren. That being said, each has many distinct features that are native to the creatures they resemble. The Balteraan are among those who share this unique existence.
Balteraans can vary in appearance and color much like the goats, sheep, and rams they have evolved from. Males will sport horns and beards, while females usually will not. All color schemes are possible. While some were boots to conceal it many will show their cloven feet which help in scaling mountainsides.
Of all the races on this Isle the Balteraan are likely the reason it will never unite. While Wolven and Gnarulian by nature work together and can be intractable in their ways it is said stone will change its mind faster than a Balteraan. Stubbornness and curiosity are the half mark of the Balteraan people.
While Balteraan will have families they are more likely to cohabitate with just the immediate family or potentially a few Elders housed under one roof. They can be matriarchal or patriarchal. There is no real ruling government among them. Sometimes groups of Balteraan will form groups to adventure or complete tasks. These groups are called Gruffs and are generally bound by friendship and will reach accords and decisions amicably together.
Families and Gruffs co-exist and will work together when needed but often Balteraan seek out solitude to achieve their goals. When they are at odds they will usually settle the matter through non-lethal combat usually aimed at whoever knocks the other from their feet first. It is customary if there is an injured party to make sure they receive aid. These battles will often utilize their Charged Slam to help determine a victor.
Balteraans are curious and will sometimes use all their senses when exploring. This includes taste so over time, much like their less evolved kin, they have developed immunity to Poison. Balteraan, in addition, will often wish to explore seeking to find new uninhabited areas. Sometimes when traveling to these areas they will encounter malicious beings. In that case very often Gruffs of Balteraan will declare themselves the protector of such areas even after others have arrived. Many believe the Human story involving a troll and a bridge evolved from such a group of protective Balteraan.
Personality–wise, Balteraan come in all shapes and sizes from passive to aggressive but as a whole the race is almost exclusively benevolent. Occasional rumors will swirl however of Balteraan who either through corruption of some outside force, or encounter with the Null have turned against this benevolence. This group had become known as the “Black Sheep” for their insistence on living outside of accepted Balteraan culture and norms.
Balteraan, aside from their known stubbornness, are also known to be exceptionally loyal and dedicated as friends if that friendship is given.

Choosing your Lineage and Profession:
Balteraan can fill any of the spectrums of professions. Most who will venture off their Isle are young and looking for new areas to begin to raise a family of their own or to seek out adventures. Occasionally, Elder Balteraan will look for a place as well to relax and reflect in their final days. Their increased Vitality can make them hearty Fighters, their natural curiosity can make them inquisitive Mages, and their benevolence makes them passionate Healers. If they choose a Rogue profession it is more likely to be that of a Ranger archetype, unless they are possibly looking to become one of the Black Sheep and forging a path not taken by most of their kind.

Advantages & Disadvantages of being Balteraan:
Balteraan have great Vitality and are known for their intelligence, wisdom, and ability to scale where others cannot.
Advantages- They also can utilize their natural abilities to execute shield slams very effectively.
Disadvantage- Their stubbornness can get the better of a Balteraan. While they will rarely make snap decisions once a decision has been settled on it is settled and woe be to any who attempt to pursued the Balteraan otherwise.

Common Knowledge:
Balteeran are known for their deep loyalty, stubbornness, good nature, and curiosity. Very often they are viewed as protectors and helpers usually without seeking much of any compensation in return. They are also known to value their solitude and peace. Balteraan love learning and puzzles of all types. There is a running rumor about their eating anything, in truth it is usually just curiosity that leads to chewing…

Balteraan can worship any number of the Deities of Crux. Usually the Religion is learned and passed from their parents, but occasionally there are those who have individual experiences that guide them. Almost exclusively they will follow benevolent deities.

Thoughts on the other races of Oakhaven :

Talk about getting stuck in place. Gnarulian are great big friendly and usually fun to be around. However they have very little sense of adventure. They do know how to make a meal though. It will be a joy of yours if you can get invited to dinner.

Honor, structure, sacrifice….and be sure to make a big show if it. Don’t get us wrong, Wolven are generally well liked but they make such a big deal of territory, pomp and circumstance. They love their familiar practices and rights. Good friends if you can make them but just remember they take themselves very seriously.

I met a few of the Drundarians . I trust none of them. It almost seems like the moment they meet you they are weighing and measuring how useful you are to them. It is much better to be boring than useful to a Drudarian that is a simple word of advice I truly hope you heed.