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    +1 to Stamina
    Identify Poisons
    Natural Claws
    Alpha Leader
Howl heard across long distances
Listen to the howls Pups
"Those soulful cries of the Packs it is a call to your ancestors, to your blood itself. In those howls Packs announce their presence and cry the deeds of their fallen and call to those who would join them. It is who we are. It is what we are. You are one the Pack is many. Your deeds will fall your name perhaps will be forgotten but the Pack is forever."

The Isle of Oakhaven is unique among the Isles of Crux. Those who inhabit this Island are Bipedal, Intelligent animals who have evolved or gained greater sentience than their animal brethren. That being said each has many distinct features that are native to the creatures they resemble. The Wolves are no different in this.
Packs are the essential unit of a Wolven’s existence. The pack is literally everything to them. It is mothers and fathers, sisters, brothers, husbands, wives, and friends. Packs can be anywhere from four to forty and higher. The rule though is larger the pack the more powerful the Alpha. Alphas are the undisputed heads of the packs. A pack will also have a Beta which is a second in command. Usually but not always this is the second most powerful member of the pack. Occasionally this will be held by the prior Alpha to act as an advisor to the new Alpha. A pack member can challenge for Alpha with a physical contest. This is always a combat to the point where one party subdues the other. Usually once subdued the fallen is healed and returned to the pack. If, however, someone challenges the same Alpha twice, and is defeated the Pack will usually expel that member.

When Wolven need to call together as a society there is a Howl; this communication is passed through the Packs and they will gather at an appointed site. There they will tell deeds of their packs, and settle any disputes or arguments. Usually this will be done by Alphas either discussing or challenging one another. The challenged party sets the term of the engagement. Almost always this is combat usually where one party will concede prior to being incapacitated. In addition the challenged party will decide if it is only the Alphas facing off or the Alphas and the Betas together. These duels are often fought with the natural claws all Wolven have the ability to wield.
Wolven can differ greatly in appearance much like the Wolves they resemble. All have great strength and stamina. This is represented by their +1 to the Stamina trait. In addition thanks to their heightened sense smell they are able to identify poisons. Finally as part of their natural defenses they can call upon the use of natural claws.
Wolven run the gambit of personalities. They can be war like to pacifist. Packs will generally be similar in temperament, but like all families can differ wildly as well. The one trait that is common to all is deep loyalty. This is to the Pack, but can also be expressed and is by the fact Wolven mate for life and if their mate dies many will pass shortly after either seeking death in battle, or from profound sadness. The same can be said for a Wolven whose Pack is killed. Some will be taken in soon enough and adopted by another Pack, but many times there are no sole survivors among the Wolven.

Wolven have a great respect and reverence for nature. There is a story that a being of great power was created and infused by The Horror and released by The Conspirator unto the forests of Crux. It was known as the Croatian. This being would rot and corrupt all it touched and turn Nature against itself. It threatened not just the forests but Crux itself. The Embodiment seeing how the scales were tipped took a fierce pack of wolves that were protectors of the forests and imbued them with greater powers. They were the Prime Pack. This Pack trained together and spawned the Wolven. In a great battle they were able to destroy the Croatian but each was mortally wounded. As such The Embodiment preserved them in the stars so that they may look down and watch their children the Wolven prosper and grow. Each cycle of the Null is named for one of the Prime Pack.
The Respite is for Rhon the Healer.
The Nadir is for Nahim the Assassin.
The Origin is for Orion the Alpha sometimes known as the Father of the Wolven.
Crux is for Carin the Beta sometimes known as the Mother of the Wolven.
Ascension is for Altir the Mage.
Apex is for Ajax the Fighter.
Bridge is for Brohim the Cold.
Null is for Nulik the Forgotten.

Choosing your Lineage and Profession:
Wolven have great physical attributes and as such Fighters tend to be most common among them. Healers would be the next most prevalent. Mages or Shaman and those who study the skies are also prevalent more so than most races on the Isle of Oakhaven. Rouges are also common as all professions can find a place in a pack.

Advantages & Disadvantages of being Wolven:
A Wolven's advantage comes from ttravelling with their pack. They rely on each other for survival. Advantages- Wolven have a great natural strength as represented by a +1 to Stamina. In addition they can identify poisons by sent thanks to the heritage from their Wolf ancestors. Finally they can also call upon the use of natural claws.
Disadvantage- The Pack mentality can be a disadvantage for Wolven. If A Wolven pack mates and/or his/her mate are killed or die they will enter a deep depression. Many seek to end their own lives in battle. This is also true if a Wolven is expelled from their pack or if their entire pack has been killed.

Common Knowledge:
Wolven are known for their deep loyalty and the importance their pack plays in their lives. Very rarely will they be seen without the members of their packs. It is a fool hardy individual or group who attempts to treat a Wolven as a dog. Petting their heads or asking them to fetch may quickly escalate to an honor duel.

Wolven worship the Prime Pack. Many will choose a particular member of the Pack as their chosen deity, but many will give prayers to each as appropriate usually this excludes Nulik. There is little known of Nulik, but there is suspicion that they were Forgotten for betraying the Pack to the Croatian in order to try and save the Pack itself. Nulik is said to have offered that should the Croatian leave the forests and leave the Pack alone that Nulik would serve it and by extension The Horror and The Conspirator. It is unknown for sure if this is valid and hotly debated by Wolven theologians.

Thoughts on the other races of Oakhaven :

Gnarulian wisdom is great; however they are slow to move. We hold no ill will towards these brothers and sisters on the Isle however we do not trust they would do what needs to be done if the Isle was threatened as they may debate while swords are being drawn.

Balteraan can make a stone seem malleable. They are without a doubt the most stubborn creatures on Oakhaven and maybe all of Crux. Their loyalty can be just as unwavering. If you can stomach watching what they will dine on (hint it is everything) they can make suitable companions.

If ever the Humans in their ambition invaded or considered invading Oakhaven I think all of the Races of this Isle would need to do would be send two Prides of Drundarian to negotiate with the Humans. If they could get both Prides to agree with each other, they would prove they are worthy of submitting the Isle. Drudarians have their own agenda at heart, always. I would not say we are at War with them but more often than not we fight like….well you get the idea.