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Gnarulian: +1 Stamina
Balteraan: +1 Vitality
    Immune to Ingested Poison
Wolven: +1 Stamina
    Identify Poisons
Dundarian: +1 Agility
    Immune to Stagger
Wild berries, honey and oak


Bear-like humanoids. Not teddy bears. The Bear. This forest dwelling humanoid has great strength along with an even greater temper.
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Gnarulian Race Packet.


Goat-like humanoids. They'll eat anything. The Ram. These strong-willed creatures are rarely trusting of others and will take any advantage they can. Never turn your back on this creature on a Balteraan. They are generally comfortable in mountainous regions, but like their forest dwelling counterparts they are also very short tempered.
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Balteraan Race Packet.


Canine(wolf)-like humanoids... These wolf-like creatures have a strong sense of brotherhood and are faithful to their own to a fault. They hold strong to a pack mentality. What is good for one, is good for all but each must wait his turn. A pack is almost always comprised of five Wolfen and each has a specific role among them.
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Wolven Race Packet.


Feline-like humanoids... The stalkers, these feline creatures hunt as a pride similar to how the Wolfen hunt as a pack. All Drundar are hunters and anyone is welcome to join a pride. They are a proud race and have no patience for incompitence, which they view as weakness.
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Drundarian Race Packet.