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    +1 to Agility
    Immune to Stagger
    9 Lives
Kratocratic Prides
    Matriarchal Leaders
We are proud, we are pride.
“Look upon all the lands before us my daughters. The plains, the trees, the lakes, the mountains, the valleys they are all meant to be yours. Well, one of yours. The one who proves most worthy the one who is smartest, fastest, or the strongest, whichever attribute that is used to prove themselves superior to her sisters. The one who can take the crown is the one who deserves it. This one way the Humans have shown wisdom.”
The Isle of Oakhaven is unique among the Isles of Crux. Those who inhabit this Island are Bipedal, Intelligent animals who have evolved or gained greater sentience than their animal brethren. That being said each has many distinct features that are native to the creatures they resemble. The Drundarian are no different in this.
Drundarian can vary in appearance and color much like all the species of big predatory cats. All the color and species of big cats seen in nature are possible.
All of the other races of the Isle of Oakhaven are stubborn in their independence they value their freedom and their ability to determine their own destiny. Drundarian are convinced of their superiority not just to the others on their Island, but to any of the creatures on the face of Crux. This extends not only to the other races but amongst themselves each Drundarians are convinced of their own individual superiority. Drundarians will form loose prides, but each always believes they are superior to their peers.
Drundarians largely are solitary creatures. When they do form Prides they are matriarchal. A matriarch is chosen by perceived superiority in leadership. This will remain until weakness is shown by the matriarch. If weakness is shown and the matriarch is challenged and fails to meet the challenge the pride will either follow the new matriarch or potentially fall apart.
This is not to say Drundarians are delusional. If they know someone is objectively faster or stronger than them they will look to their intelligence, grace, or better understanding of interpersonal interactions as proof of their superiority. They will look to find that chink in someone’s armor that allows them to reinforce their belief in their own superiority. Some look at this trait as gross arrogance, other simply as knowing what their worth is and recognizing it.
Challenges can take many forms among the Drundarians physical combat, mental challenges through games or riddles, to social challenges from influencing people to a stare down. What is important is the challenge is public and witnessed by their other Drundarians. If lost the challenger may never challenge that matriarch again and will likely be ostracized from the pride. If it was a near success sometimes other members of the Pride will split off and follow them, but that is rare.
All Drundarians believe they are born to lead. Whether this manifests itself in fierce independence blazing their own trail and following their own rulers, or through wishing to lead a large Pride, or perhaps being the power behind the throne letting another think they are in charge of a Pride while they themselves run things from the shadows all Drundarians have a great sense of self and self-worth. This can lead to conflicts among them, but also a barely veiled belief in their superiority to all other races on Crux.

Choosing your Lineage and Profession:
Drundarian can become any of the professions on Crux. For solitary creatures and some who do not travel among a pride, very often Rouge or Mage professions are preferred. For those leading Prides, Healers and Fighters tend to be more prevalent.

Advantages & Disadvantages of being Drundarian:
Drundarians share the vaunted agility of their cat like ancestors.
Advantages- Drundarian have great Agility measured not only by their bonus to the attribute but also for their Immunity to Stagger. In addition they have the ability to make the near supernatural 9 lives of cats a reality. Once per event the Drundarian catches a glimpse of their future and as a result can negate a Death effect.
Disadvantage- Their arrogance can get the better of a Drundarian. Their belief in their superiority can lead them into difficult situations. It also makes it difficult for long term alliances as they always wish to see themselves define their own destiny and rarely will repress their own goals to form deep alliances.

Common Knowledge:
Drundarian are known for their grace, arrogance, and beauty. They look always to advance their own agenda. This can make partnerships with them difficult. It is also known these being descend from Alpha predators, and not cute and cuddly housecats. Giving balls of yarn or catnip to them would be seen as a grave insult.

Drundarian practice ancestor worship. As they believe themselves to be superior they look to those who have guided and formed who and what they are today. It is these beings they venerate and as such see themselves as needing to act in a way that advances not only their agenda, but in doing so the agenda of their past ancestors. As the society tends toward matriarchy they favor Maternal Ancestors for veneration.

Thoughts on the other races of Oakhaven :

Their bark is worse than their bite. Wolven practically look to be ruled constantly looking for who is their Alpha. We eventually will provide them the fact we are their betters. They so often could achieve more, but their concept of honor and community get in the way.

Sloth and gluttony perhaps best define the Gnarulian . While we can appreciate a nap these beings make it a way of life along with their focus on nature and cooperation. Perhaps once they realize what we can accomplish when they accept the inevitable they will fall in line.

I have met a few creatures more frustrating than Balteraan . They see their great ancient ancestors provided sustenance ours yet they steadfastly refuse out superiority. They are an enigma and one that is not worth the bother to solve.