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"The key to understanding is simple, it's the lock that's the problem."
The Chiara are, at least outwardly, the reverse side of the Scurotsuma coin. For as dark skinned as the Scurotsuma are, the Chiara are equally pale. Just as the Dark Kin prefer the night, these fair folk consider themselves invigorated and empowered in the light of day. There is some debate as to Chiaran racial heritage. Their elegantly pointed ears belie a strong elvish ancestry. Their lips, eyes, nails and hair are as black as pitch and are often accented with golden paint, tattooing or jewelry. Their stark look and reliance on logic in their dealings with others makes them appear stoic or pensive to many, but despite dour appearances they have bright personalities and are often highly expressive storytellers. They do pride themselves upon their mastery of lore and ability to step back and see the solution to conflicts which can be commonly missed by others. They are also artisans and puzzle crafters by trade, the Chiara value intellectual challenges and opportunities to inspire others.

The Chiaran capitol, the Portal City of Patras, is the center of both trade and government. Called Ilios Patras, this large city is home to the College of Guides, the Chiaran Trade Council, the Radiant Court as well as housing the Portal which allows travel and trade with Imperium. The streets of Ilios Patras are lined with shops and vendors of all kinds, and teem with visitors, street performers, healers, tradesmen and would be Guides. It is a city of light, prosperity and wonder, perhaps one of the most dazzling in all the known world.
Ilios Patras is connected to each of the other Chiaran cities and settlements by what they call the Gilded Path. The path connects the whole of the Chiaran state, curving around the entire circumference of the island with branches reaching to each city, town, and village along it’s way. It is constructed out of hardened sunglass; crafted entirely from molten sunstone in a process known only to the most skilled of Chiaran alchemists. It is said that the Chiaran wizards of the Radiant Court have enchanted the stone of the path, granting safe passage to all who tread peacefully upon its surface. Chiara of all walks of life commute throughout the island safely on this beautifully crafted wonder.


The Chiaran center of government, residing in Ilios Patras, is called the College of Guides. A palatial amphitheater dominating the heart of the city, the Chiara come from all corners to sit and listen to the Guides debate; hoping to glean some wisdom or inspiration from their words. It is known that Chiarans can be very expressive storytellers, and here in the College of Guides lies the answer to why that may be so. To become a Guide is a great honor, though not one that all Chiara seek. Guides are said to be blessed by Inbrion, and are looked to for wisdom and guidance in all things. Guides reside in the chambers below the College Amphitheater, where they debate their various philosophies, learning from those who came before and those who come after. The College boasts a library that would rival any in the world, surpassing even the Arcane Libraries of the Radiant Court. The College convenes daily to discuss matters of state, making decisions as necessary but preferring to argue their points until those who sought them out come to understanding and can thus make the best choice for themselves and the Chiaran state without heavy handed government involvement. Matters of War are brought before the College, who debate the best course and make decisions which are then passed on to the Radiant Court to be carried out. The eldest, and most wise of the Chiara are usually those chosen as Guides. However, anyone of any age can attempt to become a Guide. The process is simple. The candidate must enter into debate with the other assembled Guides, publicly. If strong judgement, wisdom, humility, and oratory skills are present and the candidate earns the respect of each of the Guides in session, the nod is given and without further ceremony the new candidate is welcomed into the College.

Choosing your Lineage and Profession:
The Radiant Court

Ancient ties to elven blood unlock a great deal of magical potential in the Chiara, and they embrace and utilize their gifts for the betterment of their own race as well as those who would come to them seeking guidance or aid. The Wizards of the Radiant Court are in many ways the face of the island. They deal willingly with the outside world, greeting travelers, traders, and political envoys with open arms. They assure that all the right people shake all the right hands, dealing with matters foreign while the College of Guides deals with domestic governance. These wizards also assure that Chiaran cities are safe havens, guarded by powerful magics and the unwavering gaze of their “indestructible” golem sentries. They are also the custodians of the Portal way to Imperium, a duty that is undertaken with the utmost diligence and respect, both for the people of Imperium and for those neighboring with the Chiara.
There are only a handful of ranks amongst the Radiant Court. The Apprentice, the Initiate, the Adept, Magus of the Radiant Court, the Spire Lord and the sub-rank Warlock. The lowest rank is that of the Apprentice. While training, apprentices fulfill many of the more mundane roles. Cooking, cleaning, and all sort of domestic tasks are the province of the apprentice. All the while keeping up with the strict regimen that will one day allow them to truly study the depth of the magics that a Chiaran wizard can command. Once an apprentice has proven his or her potential, they are elevated to the rank of initiate. At this point, they are released of all other duties, enabling them to fully focus on their arcane training. After many years as an initiate, the most talented may find themselves elevated to the rank of Adept. It is as this point that the wizard is tasked with using his or her skills and abilities to the betterment of Chiaran life. The Adepts focus is the practical application of magics. Adepts are responsible for maintaining the protective enchantments along the Gilded Path, conducting rituals and auguries as a public service to those in need, and enchanting masterfully cut gemstones for use in enchanted items to be sold to support the good works of the Radiant Court. Adepts are the everyday wizard, working with and for the people to ensure peace, safety and prosperity. When an Adept proves to be particularly gifted they may find themselves facing a series of grueling challenges after which, should they succeed, they may find themselves elevated to the rank of Magus of the Radiant Court. Wizards are masters of arcane secrets, and are the only rank given full access to the breadth and depth of the Arcane Libraries. Most Wizards, upon elevation, seclude themselves with the library for months simply to absorb as much lore as they can. Perhaps sadly for them, they cannot live out the rest of their lives in the simple pursuit of knowledge. There are many responsibilities that come with their new rank. Wizards of the Radiant Court are the face of the Chiara. Whether it be dealing with outsiders on Imperium, or negotiations with the Races of their homeland, these matters are often handled by the Magus. Often times the issues are passed on, but for the most part a Magus will handle initial contact at the very least. If a challenge requires the attention of a member of the Trade Council, or the College of Guides, it is the responsibility of the Magus to involve them. The other side of the coin being that Magus must also be prepared to be called upon by Guides and Counselors. The three houses work always in harmony.
The Spire Lords are the keepers of the great crystalline Sunspires, as well as the golem armies of the Chiaran state. These powerful spell casters are chosen for their devotion to the Chiaran way of life, dedication to the mastery of their craft, and their particular talent for enchanting and harnessing the power held within crystals and gemstones. Spires are not built, but painstakingly grown from a tiny enchanted crystalline seed. When fully grown they could easily be mistaken for massive translucent red-gold oak tree’s, crystal branches reaching ever towards the sun. This process must be heavily monitored and controlled to produce perfect results. A Sunspire might take two or more lifetimes to reach completion, but once it does it is a true marvel to behold. Spires are blinding in the full light of day, light and warmth fueling the power that is nurtured within the heart of the stone. The Spires are used to harness the rays of the sun, Inbrion’s Light, and illuminate the whole of the Chiaran state even in the dead of night. That is, however, a secondary function of the Spires. The purpose of the Spires, and the Spire Lords comes down to one word; Security. The “hearts” of Inbrion’s Army, the unstoppable golem force employed by the Chiara in times of war or homeland defense, are harvested from the Spire. These “hearts” connect the golems to the Spire, and allow a near infinite source of power to be channeled into and through them. Spire Lords control the flow of this power. The Warlocks are their counterparts. Chosen for many of the same talents as a Spire Lord, the Warlock maintains a distinct place in the hierarchy of the Radiant Court due to his focus being split between skills both martial and arcane. Warlocks are the Commanders of Inbrion’s Army, controlling the Golems through will alone, focused and channeled through their Sunblade; a unique weapon crafted from the Spire itself and enchanted by the Warlock. Sunblades are usable only by their enchanter, and are able to channel a wide array of tactical and battle magics. While the Spire Lords and Warlocks command a vast host of power, they ultimately answer to the Magus Council of the Radiant Court.

Advantages & Disadvantages of being Chiaran:
Chiaran society is built around a center of reason, logic, respect and the endless search for insight and wisdom. They hope to provide an inspiring example to the rest of the world, carrying the light of Inbrion into all places of darkness and ignorance. The Chiaran people are looking always towards a better future while being ever alert to the dangers of the world around them, and striving to uplift and serve those who are less gifted in hopes of elevating their thinking and opening the doors through which prosperity of heart and mind might be found.
From a very young age Chiara are taught to be mindful and respectful of their elders. Every village, no matter how small, has an academy. Here the local children, and elders, convene daily to study arithmetic, astrology, philosophy and other valuable skills. Amongst Chiara, elders are greatly respected and hold a place of honor. It is the place of the Elder to teach Chiaran children the many skills they will need to prosper as well as the ability to critically listen and observe, seeking to unlock the value of every word and gesture. Young Chiara are taught to approach the world from a position such that despite everything they know, or may think they know, there is always more to learn. If you enter a debate closed off to the possibility that your opponent is correct or believing their intelligence is inferior to your own then you will learn nothing from the experience, and that is the greatest of sins. Miscommunication, or misunderstanding, in Chiaran culture is very rare. Most Chiara are more logical in their dealings with others than they are emotional. These facets are the key to the peace and prosperity of the Chiaran state.. Advantages- Chiaran are raised from a place of logic and thus their intellect is naturally impressive. They begin with a +1 to Arcane and even gain a bonus to their Vitality during the daylight. They are also immune to Drain effects during this strength in their fortitude.
Disadvantage- Chiaran find it difficult to relate to others on an emotional level. This paired with their propensity for intellectual discourse causes them to come across as arrogant.

Common Knowledge:
Chiaran Trade Council

The Trade Council is responsible for meeting the demands of both the Chiaran people, and those who seek to trade with Chiara. They set fair prices, hammer out agreements with the Scurr, and Scurotsuma, as well as other races whom they encounter while visiting Imperium. The Council takes what the Chiara produce, and sells it to the world, enabling them to get what they need to come back home and support the people. The Chiara are known for their artistic works, and the works they produce are highly sought after on the open market. The Chiara are skilled jewelcrafters, known around the world for their delicate work. Precious stones play a large role in Chiaran everyday life, but outside of the Chiaran State their baubles fetch incredible prices. The Chiara are also notable puzzle crafters, writers, and sculptors. The quality of Chiara produced glass, and sunglass are other commodities that fetch excellent prices on the worlds markets. Due to the skill and efforts of the Chiaran Trade Council the Chiaran standard of living is very high, and as a people they want for very little.

“Welcome to Ilios Patras. May the Light of Inbrion guide you.”

The bulk of Chiaran civilization is built upon the shorelines of the great island, which they aptly name “ilios kai fengari”, often shortened to Ilios. Temples dedicated to their sun god, Inbrion, dot the sandy shoreline. From the great gilded marble churches of the larger cities, to the small village shrines that dot the beaches of Ilios, there is nowhere in the Chiaran realm that the rays of Inbrion’s light do not reach. Statues of Chiaran elders and heroes dot the landscape of their cities, perfect representations of the past carved out of pristine marble. The monuments are outshone only by the Chiaran Sunspires, great crystalline spires said to collect the light and power of the sun and spread its magic to every corner of Ilios.

Thoughts on the other races of Scurrs:
While the Chiaran society is based in reason and logic, they do struggle with patience for those they must deal with on a more daily basis, the other Races of their homeland.

Scurotsuma: “The Scurotsuma have chosen to live out their lives in darkness, scoffing at Inbrion’s gift. Though the notion that the ease of surface living makes us soft is laughable, their dedication to their ideals is worthy of our deepest respect. There is no race more willing to sacrifice themselves for what they believe in, or for the greater good. Though we sometimes struggle to understand one another, Chiaran and Scurotsuma, we do always seem to find a balance.” - Nikos Tala, renowned artisan and engineer of puzzles.

Chymerians: “Abominations. The lot of them. The mixing of blood between our people and the Scurotsuma is strictly forbidden, is it known by all. Those who choose to break the most ancient law sentence their offspring to a life of hardship and suffering, they would truly be better off dead. They should all be cast out of the cities at birth, left for the would be a kindness. But, alas, it does not feel like kindness and so we care for them until they are old enough to care for themselves, and then, if they’re smart they take the Gate out of Illios Patros and never look back.” - Simeon the Guide, Venerable Ancient

Scuras: “Scuras are little better than dogs, sadly lacking the dogs most prized traits; loyalty and obedience. Our continued 'treaty' with these savages is often debated by the College of Guides. Our continued tolerance of the Scuras hinges on the fact that they are a people living out a punishment set upon them by their own creator. It would be hubris on our part to end their suffering prematurely. Perhaps one day they will find their voices again, Inbrion willing. Let us hope on that day they have the wisdom to raise their voices in song, not cries of war.” - Aristedes Sevros, Magus of the Radiant Court