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    +2 to Attribute
    Immune to Inflict
    Silent Curse
Unable to speak
Animal Pelts
“Actions Speak Louder than Words”
The Scuras are often mistaken for humans. While physically they are very similar, they have lost much of what would make them human in the years since Mikel, their creator, enacted the great curse which took from them their voices. More than 700 years later the Scuras go on without a voice, though they continue to fight to be heard above all others in this world.
Scuras distinguish themselves from other humanoid races in a number of ways. They can be roughly divided into two groups, each with it’s own past and aesthetic. They are, beneath it all, the same people. Despite appearances, all differences between Scuras are forgotten when it comes to a choice between “them” and “us”. Family matters can always be set aside for another day.

Civilized Scuras

Those who still hold to some sense of civility, clans that trade with the Chiarans for example, are known to cover their lower faces with intricately woven scarves, while decorating the rest of their visage with intricate and detailed blue tattoos. These Scuras, or their leaders, were likely part of families who were affluent or academic before the time of Silence. Many of these clans invested themselves in the pursuit of a cure, or counter spell. Lives spent searching for anything that would reverse the curse laid upon their people. To this day they remain focused on the uncovering of ancient texts and artifacts, lost temples and holy places. Unlike many of their less civil cousins, these Scuras have not lost hope that one day the curse will be lifted. It is rumored that some of these folk still maintain faith in their creator, and worship in secret, hoping to learn how they might atone for the sins of their fathers. They are also known to have focused largely on written and symbolic communication, calligraphy, cyphers, and a tradition of intricate heraldry and symbolic banners.

Barbaric Scuras

In contrast to the lovely scarves and tattoos of their cousins, the more savage tribes have taken to the ritualistic practice of sewing their mouths shut, perhaps an ultimate sign of defiance, or hopelessness. Blue remains the favored colored, and azure hued tattoos cover their faces and bodies, and these are often used to show rank or tribal affiliation, in conjunction with the wearing of the carcasses of beasts and foe alike.
Through violent action these Scuras have shown that they consider those who rely on words to solve their problems, and “fight” for their people, to be weak and worthy of contempt. If they ever knew why their maker had taken this gift from them, the memory has long been dead, replaced by a tenacious will to survive and to be respected (or feared) even if that respect must come at the end of the spear. In barbaric Scuran culture, only the strong survive, and only through taking action to consistently prove your strength can you “speak” to the world around you. These barbarians value action, swift and sure, and their leaders are said to be descended from the great Scuran Warlords of the past. They speak with their drums, their tattered banners of flesh and bone , and the terrified tales of those who stood in their way and somehow lived to speak of it. Not to say that these Scuras are simple ravening killers, not at all. They are proud warriors and survivalists whose inability to speak, and reliance on their own quick decision making skills causes them to stand out as alien among mixed groups. In a tough fight, there are few better to have in your corner than a no-nonsense Scuras.

The Legacy of the Speaker
Once, the Scuras were like any other Kingdom. Their people farmed, and build cities and worshipped their maker and loved, and lost. Their King was shrewd and led them well, and they prospered. There then came a time that the voice of discord rang through the halls of the Scuran kingdom, and it’s people fell to infighting, division, and war. Mikel, the creator, leveled his curse, silencing his people and bringing an end to their infighting as they scrambled to find a way to survive without the most basic of gifts. There are those scholars who believe that in truth another force cursed the Scuras out of fear, hoping to plunge them into a civil war that none would survive. Mikel,in reaction, did the only thing he could and leveled his own “curse” in an attempt to save his people from their own divisive, biting tongues.
For some time, the Scurans inability to speak made them the victims of any and all who sought to gain advantage over these once prosperous people. Mikel, pained by the suffering of his children and in his infinite wisdom, granted but one of them the ability to speak. His name was Avram, though it was never spoken. In the minds of the Scuras, he was simply the Speaker, as he called himself and as he was known by those who wished to treat with his people. Mikel had chosen him and he was proud. Some would say, even now, that he served his people well during his 40 year reign. His laws were simple, and just. The Scuras knew some prosperity and security under the rule of the First Speaker.
Whispers from outside of the Scuras realm guessed that Avram would be the one to bring an end to the ancient curse, truly uniting his people. This was a fearful thought, for many had taken advantage of the Scuras in their time of weakness and worried that their wrath would turn on then as soon as they were able. This did not come to pass, as the Speaker was slain in his prime, bringing an end to peace and order, and plunging the much of Scuras into a life of scavenging and brutality. It was found that the “gift” of the Speaker was passed on to the one who had slain him, perpetuating the cycle of violence that had been the downfall of the Scuras to begin with. While it was discovered that the Assassin who took his life was Scuran, there are those who believe that he and others like him were manipulated by the Scurotsuma to ensure the downfall of the Scuras, but again these are but rumors.

Choosing your Lineage and Profession:
Due to their inability to speak, Scuras are unable to cast magics. Their strength and agility along with their natural silence allows them to excel at fighting and stealthy pursuits.

Advantages & Disadvantages of being Scuran:
Advantages- As Scuras cannot make sound, the afflictions which normally cause people to cry out or writhe in pain do not affect them. Their focus on action over words also gives them an extra advantage as they are naturally more gifted in any focus which gives them a +2 bonus to an attribute.
Disadvantage- Due to their inability to speak, Scuras are unable to cast magics.

Common Knowledge:
The Scuras trade primarily in furs and hides, and simple goods made from the same. Their drums, though plainly made, are of such gifted craftsmanship that they fetch incredible prices are market, though the Scuras are never too happy to trade them, they always do what they must to survive. Many of the more civilized Scuras are known to be cunning and gifted treasure hunters, and will often trade the riches they unearth for more practical and truly valuable wares. There are some tribes of Scuras that deal in the slaves, with those who are low enough to seek such a trade. Those too weak to fend for themselves are often traded, as well as captured warriors from opposing tribes, and Chymerian abominations they uncover in the wild places. Such dealings are always clandestine, as the Chiarans would never allow such dealers entrance to their city and access to the Gate.

Modern Scuras do not follow any religion, they spit at the ancient shrines to Mikel, their creator. They are not without a sense of spirituality however, and have taken to “worship” of their fallen heroes, and wild and untameable spirits of nature all around them. They respect and venerate strength, tenacity, cunning and in the worst of cases brutality. While they are without the gift of speech, music is still a large part of their culture and one of the few ways that they choose to communicate. From fire lit drum circles, to uplifting pipe players, music is the art of these often savage folk, and ties in deeply with their spirituality. Scuras play to the spirits, both of ancestors and of the land. Through their music they ask for guidance and strength, the power to heal and the power to sunder their foes. Superstition is embraced, and small rituals are often enacted to ward off spirits of discord and suffering, or to grant luck in battle or promote a healthy birth or prosperous raid.

Thoughts on the other races of Scurrs:
The Scuras are preoccupied with their own struggle to spend much time worrying about the other races of their homeland, but when they must deal with them, it is often contemptuous.

Scurotsuma: The dark ones are not to be trusted. They lurk in shadows, always watching. They say they are protecting us all, but from what? We don’t NEED them to fight for us, We are Scuras! Respect is given for their skill and their resolve, but their secrets and dark ways keep them always under a suspicious eye.

Chiarans: The elf-kin are full of themselves, and their notion of the Light. One day, the walls of Illios Patros will fall and their Spires will crumble under the boot of a Scuras Warlord. Then, the world will see what we are truly capable of, and the ever chattering Chiarans will finally fall silent. Until that time...we abide, for we require the Gate which they control.

Chymerians: They are accursed by many gods, and we have troubles enough of our own without inviting more. We stay away from them, and make certain that they stay away from us. On occasion we will find them as children, abandoned and wandering the wilds, hoping and praying to anyone or anything that will listen. Some find spirits to guide them, and we give them their ground. Others remain lost. To these we show the mercy of death, and lament the weakness of their parents after the work is done.