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    +1 to Agility
    Receive +1 Vitality from dusk to dawn
    Immune to Drain
    Matron Empress

Honor in Death.
The Scurotsuma are frequently referred to by others as the Dark Kin. While not inaccurate it remains a descriptor that many Scurotsuma often consider disrespectful, and respect is a key element when dealing with this reclusive race. Though they are rarely seen on the surface in a state that isn’t fully clothed or armored they are said to very closely resemble Humans. Though there are some marked differences. Charcoal black skin, contrasted by stark white or silver hair, is the most obvious sign distinguishing them from the many variations of Human appearance. Thier lithe, thin frames, and strangely intense eyes might also cause them to stand apart from the other races.
Little is truly known of the Scurotsuma, and much of what is believed of them is derived from rumor. There are those who say their Emperor has taken the form of a singularly powerful undead to extend his life, allowing him to rule the Scurotsuma for all time. Some of these rumors have also insisted the magic that they do practice is directly related to undead since they share a common distaste for daylight. It is also rumored that they do not employ healing magics, relying on armor and skill to defend their warriors. Some say they do not mourn their dead as many do, but they celebrate the passing of their fallen brethren. Still others spread rumors that the Scurotsuma envy those who have fallen, finally able to lay down their swords and go at long last to their rest in the Gardens of the Moon having escaped the secret war that rages in the depths below Scurr with an ancient and unknown force.
The few things that are known of the Dark Kin for certain have taken years to uncover, and this information can be relied upon. The Scurotsuma dwell in caverns deep below the surface of Scurr and are rarely, if ever, seen in the light of day. It is known that daylight, even indirect exposure, causes them some amount of pain and will render them more susceptible to injury and disease. When the Scurotsuma are encountered above ground their interactions are always careful, one might say they measure their words well and always know where they stand. They are known to adhere to a very strict chain of command when in public among mixed company. It is also known that what wizardry the Scurotsuma do possess is focused on poison and disease and other such bodily afflictions. Thiers is not a magic born of kindness. Few if any can comment on their lives or behaviour below the surface.

The Eternal Emperor
The Scurotsuma society stands in stark contrast to the chaotic world of the surface dwellers. Order is a key element of their lives, beginning and ending with devotion to the ideals and commands set down by the Eien no kotei, their Eternal Emperor. Though many rumors circulate about the nature of this ruler, one thing is certain. All of Scurotsuma would lay down their lives to defend that of the Emperor.
Indistinguishable to those who dwell on the surface, the Scurotsuma are divided into many clans all working for the common good. Within each clan many Houses work to ensure that the Scurotsuma prosper.
Some of the more prominent Clans, those who can be found mentioned in surface dwellers texts and references on how best to deal with or approach the Scurotsuma are the Kintai, the Taishen, the Shinbai, and Jaidoshen and the Okibai. Houses of note that are somewhat commonly known, include House Veshan, House Sinshen, and House Okinbatai each of which handles libraries, trade, and the forces of the imperial army respectively. There are many more houses, and the hierarchy between and within the houses and clans is indeed complex. Honor, respect, and rank all mean a great deal to those who dwell below the surface.

When determining rank or superiority among the Dark Kin, Clan takes precedence. If the two or few in question are of the same Clan, then House is used to determine which has higher authority. If of the same House, then the Rank structure of that House is used to determine highest rank. If rank structure does not apply then age is used as the final determinate for seniority. The rank structures are used as the primary determinate when dealing with matters relative to the specialty or training of that House. (i.e. If deciding troop combat movements in the Army, the rank would take precedence over Clan, whereas non-military decisions would be deferred to the highest Clan member.)


Kintai, Taishen, Shinbai , Jaidoshen and Okibai

Kintakai – The Imperial House of Nobility. Nobles from all clans are part of this House and it is the highest ranking House of the Scurotsuma.
Veshen – The House of Knowledge. Responsible for maintaining the history and current events of the Race. Not only librarians of books and artifacts, but also advisors to the Nobility
Chobai – The House of Defense. Needed to uphold the stability and maintain the survival of the race. Also advisors to the Kintaka, these are akin to the governors and political advisors for the Scurotsuma.
Mortai – House of Stealth. This House carries out special operations which deal with the safety and security of the race.
Kaishen – House of Shadow. The magic users of the Race . This is a school used to the Magic Users This is a school to harness the already natural abilities of the Race.
Shoeshen – The Imperial Guard. Trained specifically for the defense of the Imperial House and Imperial Clan.
Sinshen – House of Trade. Mostly comprised of craftsmen and specialists. Those who join pick a trade to apprentice and master. Some later become barterers or business men.
Jobai – House of Arts and Sciences. Part school, part research. Many of the Race pass through this house for some facet of training or learning.
Okinbatai – The Imperial Army. Though the House is easily joined, Rank is usually a slow process since there are a strict number of each Rank maintained. Death and attrition are usually what necessitates promotions. Due to these restrictions, each spot is pined for and each Rank is well respected no matter how small.

Ranks within the Houses.
Kintaka: SanGuiSan, SanGui, GuiSan, Gui, San Dochi, DochiSan, Dochi, SumaDochi, Suma.
Veshen: Vai, Kinvai, Boh-Kinvai.
Chobai: Kindo, Jindo, Haido, KiJinSae, KiJinTae, KiBoTai
Mortai: Kaibo, Phistian, Mastequi, Joatakai.
Kaishen: Kaibo, Phistian, Mastequi, Joatakai.
Shoeshen: Sinbo, Sinjo.
Sinshen: Sinbo, Sinjo, Sindo.
Jobai: Vaikin, Boh-Kinvai.
Okinbatai: Kinwa, Kinbo, Kinjo, Kindo, Kinpo, Jinbo, Jindo, Kaibo, Taijo, Haido, QuiSae, JinSae, KiJinSae.

Choosing your Lineage and Profession:
Scurotsuma are born into their Lineage. The House and Clan to which they are born to will determine their role in life. They must strive to gain in rank within their House.

Advantages & Disadvantages of being Scurotsuma:
Advantages- Having spent their lives in darkness, at night they gain a bonus to their Vitality. They are also immune to Drain effects during this strength in their fortitude.
Disadvantage- Their sensitivity to light makes it difficult for them to travel during the day and the constant exposure to sunlight even pains them to the point of not allowing them to focus.

Common Knowledge:
The Scurostuma support themselves almost exclusively through trade. They do not farm below the earth, cattle are not kept, almost everything they need is gotten through lawful trade with the surface and the world beyond the island. They maintain excellent trade relationships with the Chiaran and any Clans of Scuras who are civilized enough to maintain an agreement with them. Much of what they need comes through connections in Imperium. The Scurostuma are renowned bladesmiths, selling fine steel weapons to anyone with enough currency. They also deal in high end raw and cut gemstones, gravel, coal, and amber.
Counting to Ten in Kaiikojen: Gui, Kan, Jo, Shin, Po, Ken, Ji, San, A, Ki.

Yawarakai hikari, Goddess of the Moon, is revered by all Scurotsuma. Each month when the moon grows full, many Scurotsuma make a pilgrimage to the surface to pray, seek guidance, and bask in the light of their Goddess. They make no attempt to hide these pilgrimages, these few times a year when they are able to walk in the light of their Mother. It is rumored that there are places below where her light shines through the cracks, filling the caverns with her silver light. These are said to be places of power, holy places of worship, guarded tirelessly by the Chosen of Yawarakai. Priests of the Goddess teach a gospel of order, duty, and the search for enlightenment. Just as the Sun and the Moon exist in balance, so too should the Clans and Houses of the Scurotsuma. It is rumored that once the Chiaran were also Children of Yawarakai hiraki, but that they made a pact with the lord of the Sun. Accepting him as their “father” they walked away from their place below, and have lived in Inbron's light ever since. There is a Scurotsuma folk song that supposedly tells the tale. This lament is sung only during the full moon, and only within places of worship deep below the surface, or so it is said.

Thoughts on the other races of Scurrs:
Insolence is not tolerated by the Mother.

Chiaras: “They lack our discipline, but have found their own path toward enlightenment. We allowed them control of the Gate to Imperium. That alone should tell you more than I am at liberty to say.”

Chymerians: “Abominations. Cut off from the light of the Moon, and the Sun, by the selfishness of their parents. We would, we must, punish the child for the crimes of the Mother and the Father. Lest they grow, and thrive, and become a threat to us all.”

Scuras: “Too many of them come to our lands hoping to prove their strength against us. Proving that they do not fear the “Dark Kin”. Well, let me tell you a secret they cannot speak for themselves. They do fear us, and every one of them who has ever come against me has been sent home to Mikel, finally at rest. They have no discipline, and no hope. I pray at each full moon that all those I’ve sent home can find peace, and answers, at the side of their Maker.”