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Chymerians appear to be the half breed offspring of the Chiara and Scurotsuma. Their skin and hair are split between black and white, light and dark. Some actually believe that these "abominations" are a mixed breed. However, the mixing of races is strictly prohibited in both the Chiaran and Scurotsuma cultures. Also, they have only been known to be born of parents of the same race. This is assumed to be due to a mixing of lines historically in one of the parents bloodlines, though this has never been brought to light since no parent or ancestor would readily admit to the relation. It is widely known that Chymerians cannot themselves reproduce. How they have come to be is a mystery in itself. Some speak of an ancient curse, tied to the blood of clans long dead and misdeeds forgotten many moons ago. Chymerians are considered outcast from the rest of the Island, one of the few things the other races can all seem to agree on.

The Cursed Ones, as they are called by many of the natives of Scurr, display all of the positive traits of their supposed bloodlines. They also appear to enjoy a life unhindered by the inherent weaknesses of the same. Though they are outcast they are strong, and fast, and bright, and wise and often deadly. At least, those who survive into adulthood tend to be. It is believed that few Chymerians survive past adolescence, though they are not so hard to find in Imperium. On the island some are hidden by their families, for as long as they can get away with it. Many more are slain or cast out into the elements at birth. There are very few communities where Cursed Ones are tolerated, but they do exist. It is whispered that an ancient Chymerian, truly accursed, has carved out a place for his people deep in the forests of Scurr. A place called the Ascent, whispers speak of a resplendent city hidden somewhere on the western face of Mount Ioz in the North of Scurr.

Choosing your Lineage and Profession:
Chymerians have no real place on Scurr, and no “nation” to speak of. It has been noticed however that Chymerians tend to fall into positions where they find themselves able to teach. They are commonly found to be instructors, and trainers of various sorts. There is a College in Imperium at which a Chymerian sits as Professor of Alchemical Studies as well as Dean of Admissions, always on the look out for the finest young minds in the city. Chymerians can also be found working in just about any trade at least long enough to master it before moving on to something else. It’s not that they’re capricious, they are simply driven toward constantly bettering themselves, and the more they know the more value and self worth they maintain. Off of the island, most Chymerians do rather well for themselves. While they are often found in rags on Scurr it is unlikely to ever find a Chymerian in Imperium that is not living comfortably unless they do so by choice.

Advantages & Disadvantages of being Chymerian:
Advantages- Due to the duality of their composition, all Chymerians are only half affected by timed effects. Thus, any effect with a natural 1 minute duration, will actually only affect them for 30 seconds. They also have an ability which, after they spend time focusing their duality, allows them to double the effectiveness of a single attack.
Disadvantage- Their seemingly split metabolism is also a curse. As it applies to any effect with a duration of 1 minute, this means it also includes Dying. Should they fall Dying, they will be dead in only 30 seconds.

Common Knowledge:
Despite the harsh treatment they tend to receive from the natives of Scurr most Chymerians are very welcoming and friendly individuals. The Cursed Ones hail from all corners of Scurr, and there is even rumors that some have now been born on Imperium. They have no connection to the island, and yet they all seem to come together in this. They are known to build small meeting halls in which they gather to reflect, and learn new strengths from one another. Any and all are welcome, though few non-Chymerians tend to appear.

Chymerians practice a religion of self reliance, looking to no god nor spirit for guidance, acceptance, love, or strength. Instead they look within, and to their fellow man. They are a race of survivors, in spite of the circumstances of their birth, and are always interested in learning something new. Betterment of oneself is at the core of the Chymerian belief system. It is a system of belief that most Chymerians adhere to, though it is unclear how they all come into it. Some buy into their name, believing themselves to be cursed and live a life in hopes of making amends. Others believe that they are chosen and are simply waiting, preparing, for whatever task they may have been chosen for be it a personal calling or a racial birthright.

Thoughts on the other races of Scurrs:
Having not been accepted by those who bear them, the Chymerian force themselves to accept what they are and strive to do the best they can with the hand they've been dealt.

Scurotsuma: "Scurotsuma are dangerous, and should be avoided. They will hunt you in the darkness, and if you make one wrong move they will take your life. They will consider it a kindness, and there will be nothing you can do to change their mind. Avoid them, even if you weren’t born on Scurr. They do not know you, and they do not care to. Strict adherence to duty makes sinners of them all."

Chiaras: "For all their talk of the light of Inbrion, for all their open debate and acceptance of differing philosophies the Chiaran are likely the most close minded of all the people of Scurr. Perhaps one day they’ll grow open to true learning, and we will as always be ready to offer instruction."

Scuras: "A very self reliant people. Though they pay homage to the spirits they see in the smoke and fog, they have only to look to themselves to see the source of both their strength and their struggles. They are, odd as it may seem, some of the kindest people I have ever met."