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Scurotsuma: +1 Agility
    Immune to Drain (in darkness)
Chiaras: +1 Arcane
    Immune Drain (in daylight)
Chymerian: +1 Spirit
Scuras: +2 Any one Attribute
    Immune to Inflict
    Cannot speak
Notation of Kalim
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The Scurotsuma are often referred to by others as the Dark Kin. Their features are as similar to Humans as one could imagine, Were it not for their complexion, thin frames and intense eyes. Accented further by their skin, which can only be described as charcoal black, their hair is usually white or silver. They dwell in caverns underground and are rarely ever seen in the light of day. It is said that daylight actually pains their body and makes them more susceptible to injury and disease. It is not proven, however, whether these are facts or simply influences of the imagination from years of little to no contact with this secluded race. Their apparent Human kinship is also strictly visual it would seem since there have been no traces of Elemental Magic from this race, nor do they seem to be tied politically. Some of these rumors have also insisted the Magic that they do practice is directly related to undead since they share a common distaste for daylight. I will tell you, from my own experiences, the Dark Kin Magic is focused on disease and other such detrimental bodily afflictions. I could describe it as something quite opposite to the Magic used by Striders, which has its focus on healing.
“Honor in Death.”
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For as dark as the Scurotsuma are, the Chiaras are equally pale, white even, though their lips, eyes, nails and hair are as black as the skin of their counterparts. Their look makes them appear stoic or pensive in nature but they are often the most expressive sotrytellers. They do pride themselves in their knowledge and ability to step back and see the solution to conflicts which can be commonly missed by others. They are also artisans and puzzle crafters by trade.
The reverse side of the Scurotsuma coin. Their pale skin is a stark contrast to their dark counterparts. Just as the dark kin prefer the night, these creatures consider themselves refreshed and more powerful in the light of day. Due to their pointed ears, it is said that their race is derived from a mixing of humans and elves.
“The key to understanding is simple, it's the lock that's the problem.”
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Chymerians (Cursed)

Some believe that these "abominations" are a mixed breed among the other races of the Island. The mixing of races is strictly prohibited in all of their cultures. However, Chymerians cannot reproduce themselves and have only been known to be born of parents of the same race. This is assumed to be due to a mixing of lines historically in one of the parents, though this has never been proven since no parent or ancestor would readily admit to the relation. The race is considered outcast from the rest of the Island and the one thing the other races can seem to agree on.
The Cursed-Ones. Thought to be a mixed breed of sorts between the Scurotsuma and Chiaras, these split-skinned people are comfortable in both sunlight and moonlight.
“My Mother is the Moon, my Father the Sun, but neither will claim me for I am a cursed one.”
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The race is human in appearence though a bit on the pale side. They traditionally wear something across their mouths as a symbol they do not speak.
        Age of Silence: At the beginning of the world the Scuras were like many other races. They raised families, lived off the land and fought to survive. Then came a time when the kingdom started to implode on itself as the various factions all thought they knew what was best for the race. Their Creator imposed a great curse upon them and, drawing on the Null, magically removed their ability to speak. Though they could still understand spoken word, they could not form it. 500 years passed and the Scuras could not speak.
        Time of Peace: During the time of silence war came to the Scuras. Other races began taking advantage of the Scuras' inability to communicate or organize defenses. Most of the Scuras became brutal savages. As a race they moved to solve their problems with action rather then words. To help the Scuras, Mikel, their creator, gave one the ability to talk. The chosen one was a young boy named Cantus. The Speaker, as he came to be known, managed to organize the Scuras into some semblence of a kingdom. For the next 40 years, under the leadership of the the Speaker, the Scuras lived a life of relative peace they had not known for 8 lifetimes. During the speakers reign crime had all but ceased, laws were simple but effective. As there always are those who oppose peace or have their own desire for control, a group of rebel Scuras decided they were going to remove the Speaker. The Speaker was assassinated.
        Age of Torment: The people returned to their savage brutality, save small pockets of civility amongst their own. The current Speaker is now unknown and it is believe there may not even be one with the ability. There are also rumors of a group of protectors who know who the Speaker is and they ensure the passing of the ability to one of their choosing as the Speaker reaches a venerable age.
Those civilized among their race wear neat and ornate scarves or masks across their mouths and have blue tattoos in descriptive images and shapes. The savages tend to stitch their mouths shut and wear blue war tattoos sometimes mixed with the blood of animals on their face. They also wear the carcasses of animals and their foes.
"Actions speak louder than words."
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