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To Walk the world once more, an honor or a curse?
“I remember a time before now. A time when I felt cool wind on my face, the gentle spray of the sea, and the sun gently warmed my skin. The running on the sands and swimming in the sea brought about hunger and thirst which was quenched with food, drink. The sorrow in the heart healed with love. I remember the joy of feeling my love in my arms. I remember these things and remember them fondly. Now I exist and feel no pain, but feel nothing else either.”
All humanoids on Crux live their lives knowing they will one day face the Null. Some feel they will face their Gods and if judged worthy will enter paradise. There are others who feel they will be returned to Crux in another form to learn more. Some revel in the day others fear it. All know it will come.
Some beings suffer more at death than others. For some the death stroke is quick and clean, or they die surrounded by family after a long life and are ready for what comes next. For others there is suffering, pain, and anguish. For those in the final moments some will reach out and beg for an end to the pain. They will promise anything to anyone in order for a respite from the agony they are in.
The Conspirator waits in the darkest portions of the Null for these beings. When they are at the point of begging for release willing to promise anything to make the pain end they dispatch their followers to them. It is in these moments the Plagued are born. Minions of the Conspirator known as Conspiramancers will find these beings and give them a release for their pain in return for service to The Conspirator. In the moment they agree to service they are freed from pain, freed from feeling. They are returned to life.
All Plagued were once something else. They made a deal with a Conspiramancer for an end to their pain. In return they have or will have to provide a service for The Conspirator. Some look forward to doing this, a mark of service to the one who freed them from their plight. Others see it as a mark of shame. That they so feared the dark they reached out to the darkest being in the Null and granted them dominion over them even for a short period of time. Depending on how long they have been Plagued and their own mental strength will determine how much of their previous life they remember.
Some Plagued look at their condition as a punishment one from which they must redeem themselves through action. Others look at it as their final damnation and will look to truly live the part they have now been cast into. All suffer a weakened Spirit due to their current form. In addition physically they appear to as they are; mobile, decomposing corpses in a mockery of life. They no longer feel agony, but also no longer feel at all. Joy is as distant a memory to them as pain. If a Plagued is smiling it is because of a memory of emotion rather than actual feeling.
Some embrace this new life content to no longer be burdened with emotions and distraction of feelings. They can focus on what was their passion in life without needing, food, water, human contact or emotion. For others this is torture. They realize this mockery of life and despise it but remain in this form either due to the bond they formed at death with the Conspiramancer, or to fulfill some personal quest.

Your Tribe:
All Plagued are former humanoids that in a moment of extreme pain and weakness made a decision and as a result are trapped in a state of unlife. They bear the marks of their death upon their person and will suffer pain no longer. They no longer age and will not die of age. However their existence is a mockery of life. No longer do they feel emotions at all. Whether their family would recognize them or look to put their spirit to rest depends largely on the individual.

Advantages & Disadvantages of being Plagued:
Advantages- Plagued’s main advantage is that they no longer feel pain. While their bodies break down and can be destroyed they do not feel while it happens allowing them to suffer immensely and still move forward. In addition they have extended life spans plus they remember their mortal experience.
Disadvantage- While they do not feel pain in addition they no longer feel any other emotions as well. Once they have entered unlife they can remember emotions but do not truly feel current ones. Their Spirit has been lessened as well. Finally they have made a deal and may still have to pay off that debt to a servant of the Conspirator.

Common Knowledge:
Plagued are the walking dead. Most are feared and distrusted. Very rarely are they attacked on sight unless they become aggressive. Most bear the signs of their passing and look to complete a task or say their goodbyes. How they became Plagued is never talked about.

Plagued can worship any of the Deities of Crux. Most will take one of two routes once they have become Plagued. Some give in fully and become followers of the Conspirator or see themselves as a reflection of the Horror and follow him as their new Deity. Many look to the Mother hoping in Death they can be forgiven for the transgression which causes their current form. Few others turn to worship of the Great Dragon of Death seeing that they have not as yet been claimed by Death to serve the Great Dragon while they look for continued purpose to exist.

Thoughts on the other races of Undead:
Plagued have an undeniable connection to each other. They more so than all the other races on the Isle of the Undead know the suffering the others have engaged in. They know the shame at having given in during that moment of doubt, pain and weakness. Unless ordered to, they will rarely turn on another Plagued.

Plagued have a distinct dislike for Feeders. While Plagued made a choice the choice they made was under severe duress. Feeders generally made their choice willfully and without the added pressures and pain the Plagued face. That distinction in their creation teamed with the Feeder's greater status on the Isle is the basis for why the Plagued hold animosity towards Feeders.

Plagued tend to have better relationships with Constructs than Feeders. The Constructs had no choice in their creation as many Plagued feel they had no real choice in theirs. As such they tend to follow direction and are able to partner and relate better to Constructs.

Plagued are intrigued by Kaezen. Many feel Kaezen may hold the secret to allowing them to feel again. These being have been able to return from the Null without deals of forced servitude. As such Plagued are the only race on the Isle who will actively seek out and befriend Kaezen.