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From great sacrifice came an even greater race.

“Some people live a life without ever understanding the price that was paid to give it to them. In the mirror every day we are reminded of that price. Yet the Elves, in their Ivory Towers among the trees their lives stretch Ages beyond Ages for unless they welcome it Death and the Null allow them to remain. They are beautiful, touched by arcane talent and remember only the touch of the Great Dragons. They do not remember the counterstroke, the battles, the death. Few of the Eldest among them remember, though they do not teach the young the reason, they do teach them to respect us and the price we paid.”
Drindorans were once, ages ago, Sylven. They were part of the greatest creation of the Great Dragons. When the Dragons left for the stars The Horror and The Conspirator made their great gambit. They looked to break from the Null to reach out and grasp the Spirit of all the Elves. These power beings looked to enhance themselves to separate from and control the Null with the blessings given to the Elves by the Great Dragons. The Forgotten sided with them, A Clan of Elves who felt they would be given dominion over Crux if they helped to power The Horror and The Conspirator. The Isle of Elves was ravaged by war. It was during this time the Kali came to Kalindrin. Despite this the Forgotten, Horror and Conspirator looked to win this war. They would overpower the Isle of the Elves and claim their Spirit and in doing so seal the Fate of Crux. These beings did not seek balance, or justice, or peace. The sought their own power, to create their own vision of Crux in which the races served them, and them alone.
House and Clan Drindoran called out to The Embodiment. This Being gave them an opportunity to lock away the Horror and the Conspirator. There would be a cost and that cost would be passed from them to their descendants from now to the end of Crux. House Drindoran did not hesitate, they would accept this burden. As such they led the vanguard against the Foes of the Elves. The Horror and Conspirator unleashed their power against them. The Drindoran fought the Forgotten with all they had. In the end it was enough. The price they paid was felt by all immediately. They lost their immortality; they lost their fairness of visage twisted by the powers of their foes. They had been changed forever. This war forged them and from it they gained Stamina and the ability to resist fear. How could they fear now that they had faced the terror of the Horror and the Conspirator as well as the darkness of the Forgotten? The Sylven would remember if not the exact actions, that Drindoran were to be respected for all time for their ultimate sacrifice.

Your Lineage and Profession:
Drindorans can fill any profession, however, after the results of the War of the Forgotten they prefer and are most suited to Fighters. They maintain their connection and respect for nature but have lost their innate skill in Arcane. Drindorans can make excellent Rogues especially in the path of a Scout as it makes use of their Stamina and ability to tread where others fear. Their ability to resist fear does make them excellent Mages and Healers as well despite their lessened skill in Arcane. Drindoran was once a High Elven House but has grown much larger. They are their own Race now and have populated the Isle of Elves closest to the volcanos.

Advantages & Disadvantages of being Drindoran:
Advantages- Drindorans have exceptional Stamina, and are absolutely immune to fear. The battle that forged their race left such a mark on them that they know they can stand in any battle and while they might not be victorious they will stand and the enemy will know they have been in a battle. This reputation causes many races to give pause before engaging in battle with the Drindoran.
Disadvantage- As much as the Ancient battle left the advantages the clan possesses it also left their scars. The immortality the House used to enjoy is gone. In addition they were forever physically changed. They now had red skin, and many have horns. The Horror made sure he left his mark on those who prevented his victory. As such they can sometimes be viewed as evil even when their intentions are pure.

Common Knowledge:
Drindorans are the shock troops of the Elves if they ever were to unite. The passion to protect their kind remains but they have no stomach for the intricate politics of their former kin. They look simply to protect those who cannot protect themselves and keep the darkness at bay. Some Drindoran take it upon themselves to continue to take on darker and darker tasks they feel to continue to protect their kin. These Drindoran become the monster so others do not have to. The exact details of their sacrifice are unknown to the other races. What is known is just that they protect those who cannot, or explore the darkness that others fear.

Drindoran know the sacrifices their ancestors made. They feel a deep and intense pride in the fact that when Crux itself was threatened and needed a hero it was the Drindoran who answered the call. Due to that many of the Drindoran still worship the Great Dragons, others venerate The Embodiment due to his role in protecting and forming the Drindoran.

Thoughts on the other races of Elven:
Drindoran are a tight knit race. Due to the trials of their creation, they are highly protective of each other and respect and confide in each other. The rumors of the cults devoted to The Horror and The Conspirator anger and confuse most Drindoran. If they were to discover it were true they would hunt down and destroy those involved as they would view it as an affront to their race and the sacrifice made by their ancestors.

Drindoran do not hold animosity towards the Sylven, as long as the Elves continue to respect the sacrifice the Drindoran made. Even if they do not know what that sacrifice was, so long as they remember that respect needs to be there then the animosity will remain at bay. At times there is frustration because the Elves refuse to put aside petty rivalries to unite, but the Drindoran understand that these rivalries are bred from each side believing they know best. At worst they look at Sylven as spoiled children who have yet to have pay for their gifts.

Drindoran but do not understand the Kalindrin. They appreciate their martial nature and respect their connection to the forest. However, they do not understand their devotion to Kali. Seeing the accepted belief that the great Dragons created them, to abandon venerating them for another being is confusing to the Drindoran. Regardless, the Drindoran have a great mutual respect for the Kalindrin and would endeavor to protect or come to their aid if necessary.

Drindoran understand the Panadrian. After the great battle, the Panadrian sought refuge not in just the beauty of the forest but earthly pleasures in drink, food, and dance. They charm their way through life and enjoy stories and games. Drindoran understand after living the horrors of that battle that they would find the best in life and pursue that.