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    +1 to Stamina or Agility
    Dispel Rooot
    Chieftan and Shamans
Proficient with Spears
Take to the trees
“Wind rustling the leaves on the trees, streams gliding gently over the stones in their bed, the soft feel of the grass and earth beneath our feet. These sensations are so beautiful. The Sylven respect these miracles, Dindorans, and Panadrians do as well. However, none of them are as connected to it as we. For them it is a beauty to behold, for us it is essential as the air we breathe. The Sylven believe nature, like all things, is to be bent to their will. We live among it and realize we are part of it not above or superior to it.”
Kalindrin also used to be a House of Sylven. Ages ago they began feel a deeper and deeper connection to the forests on the Isle of Elves. They left the cities and their structures and instead chose to live among the trees in the forest. During this time they came in contact with Kali. While the Sylven continued to worship the Great Dragons the Kalindrin became connected to and began to worship this being. Kali never claimed to create Crux, the forests, or the island. It is however the Spirit of the Island itself. Kali is the force that drives the winds, water, earth and fires of the Island. The perfect balance found in nature. The Kalindrin saw themselves connected deeply to the Island and Kali, so much that they shed their connection to the arcane and pledged to Kali. Their immortality faded as they became part of the cycle of nature. As part of this transformation the Kalindrin received marks of favor from Kali in the form of tattoos. These tattoos appear in greens and browns in the form of leaves and vines on their faces. As their connection to Kali deepens the tattoos become more prominent, larger, and more intricate.
Kalindrin have changed deeply from being adept at Arcane to proficient in either Stamina or Agility. This is representative of their focusing on their physical being and connection to Kali and nature. As such they favor weapons that can be forged naturally bows and spears instead of swords or axes. In addition their connection to the natural world and proficiency in it prevents them from being able to be rooted and gives them the ability to call upon nature to root others in place.

Your Profession:
Kalindrin can fill any profession, but by far the most common profession is warrior. Some Rogues exist, mainly in the Scout archetype. Healers are the next most common with Mages being exceptionally rare. Many feel like in turning away from their former lives if they were to become mages they might backslide away from their connection with Kali. If they do choose the path of a Mage, without fail they will practice a magic closely aligned to the elements of nature.

Advantages & Disadvantages of being Kalindrin:
Advantages- The Kalidrin’s focus on becoming part of nature has increased their physical capabilities. They can choose to have an increase stamina or agility. In addition to their physical attributes, their connection to nature prevents them from being rooted and can cause others to be ensnared with the Root ability. Kalindrin prefer spears and bows as weapons and refuse to wear any armor using their natural agility instead. They are dedicated to being part of nature, but will not be prey.
Disadvantage- Kalindrin have lost their immortality and their connection to arcane abilities. In addition, their decision to not wear armor and use some of the more conventional weapons while benefiting them in nature can be a challenge on some more traditional battlefield. Enemies who can close distance on them can make their choice of weaponry prove to be a disadvantage in combat.

Common Knowledge:
Kalindrin are deeply connected to nature, and worship Kali the Goddess of nature, and the Isle of the Eves. They are martially oriented and make great use of the spear and the bow. Exceptionally beautiful and as their connection to nature grows they develop more intricate and larger green and brown tattoos in the shapes of leaves and vines.
More at home in the forests than any other race, they are able to remain mobile while others would be rooted into place and can call on their connection to nature to root their foes into place. Someone who has attacked nature will quickly find an enemy in the Kalindrin.
Many Kalindrin have little use of personal belongings beyond what is needed to survive and find the pursuit of personal wealthy and or possession to be folly. In addition they seem to be very connected to the belief of survival of the fittest.

Kalindrin worship Kali the Spirit of the Island of Elves. It is the spirit that fuels all of nature and the natural world on their Island. It is not known whether it is exclusive to the Isle of Elves, or the same spirit fuels nature in other parts of Crux. Whether different beings exist and guide the natural world in other parts of Crux is unknown but in no other Island have the Kalindrin made contact with Kali.
There are small extremist groups of Kalindrin that view the portals and expansion of races, and civilization as a threat to nature and Kali. As such they are actively working against the expansion of cities sometimes even engaging in warfare to reduce the numbers of other races. Some believe nature can only be brought into balance if a significant portion of the civilized races were exterminated.

Thoughts on the other races of Elven:
Kalindrin are a like a pack, each member of the race knowing how important they are to each other's survival in nature. It is needed to survive in nature. Most confrontations are dealt with personal duels in which the loser submits rather than fighting to the death. To kill a fellow Kalindrin in one of these duels is a grave crime. Overall these are rare occurrences as survival dictates cooperation.

Kalindrin and Sylven have a disdain for each other. The Kalindrin see Sylven as pompous and assuming of airs. The Sylven see the Kalindrin as savages who have forsaken their birthright. This rarely erupts into violence, but can become quite tense especially when the Kalindrin are attempted to be brought into the political schemes of the Sylven.

Kalindrin respect the Drindoran but feel they have strayed from nature. They know they still respect nature and some hear the rumors or myths of the sacrifices made by the noble house but they feel some of them have embraced too deeply the darkness the Drindoran faced. As such there is a distant respect there but a fear that they will continue to drift from nature.

Kalindrin have a measure of pity and disdain for the Panadrian. They know a great battle happened long ago as a result the Sylven fractures. They know the Drindoran faced the darkness, that the Kalindrin embraced nature and Kali. The Panadrian embraced indulgence. As a part of nature, Kalindrin take only what they need for survival. They look to make the whole greater by their presence. The Panadrian over-indulge and fall to hedonism. As such, they take more than they need and do not give back enough.