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    +1 to Arcane or Agility
    Immune to Command


“Intent is not action.”
The Panadrians believe themselves to have begun as an offshoot of a “lesser” family of Sylven, friendly to all woodland creatures of Crux, taking care of them before the land itself. Having been considered second-class shepherds and not nearly as useful as those that kept Crux in balance with itself, they decided to subversively get back at those that considered themselves the best of the best. Panadrians started pranking and dishonoring the higher families, usually harmless tricks that only lasted an hour or two. These tricks were often Arcane glamours that appeared to mar the faces of the vain or making two incompatible Sylven fall into a deep infatuation with one another. The pranks did no lasting harm, but one too many were aimed at the Chieftains of the higher houses. The Houses of the High decided to do something about this pesky house of upstarts who saw no respect for them. The Chieftains of the Houses of the High stood before a congregation of the Panadrians, scowling down on their lesser house. They decided that since the tricksters liked casting glamours so much, they should taste their own medicine. From that moment, the Panadrians started to look less like Sylven and more like the woodland creatures they ran amongst. They sprouted small horns and lost the ethereal glow that the Sylven carried. Some took on other aspects of the woodland creatures they cared for. Their ears remained pointed, but were now short, rather than the long ears known by the Sylven. They shrunk in stature, the tallest only reaching the height of the shortest Chieftain. Satisfied with their punishment, the Chieftains left the Panadrians to their own devices. Having fallen a bit farther from grace, the Pans decided to leave the great villages and cities of the High and joined their friends of the forest. Unlike the Kalindran, who looked for solace among the trees, they remained on the ground, preferring dens and small communal shelters. The Pans grew quickly, running races with the deer, and remained as clever as ever, playfully betting among themselves and outsiders who didn’t know better. They never seemed to lose a wager or witty challenge. Despite being “banished”, the Panadrians grew more cheerful with each passing Milestone. Happiness grew to become innate and their sadness never lasted for long, as they chose to commemorate sad occasions with rollicking celebrations rather than tears. As the generations and Milestones turned, the Pans found each other again. So strong did they feel the bonds of brotherhood that their small shelters all across the island grew to become large communities for their joyous way of life. Pans from all different professions began to travel together, traveling freely from shelter to shelter, for they were welcome to each with open arms. Food was always a shared feast with any guest, food overflowing the tables and wine and stories as dessert. Who they used to be, became nothing but a memory, for all they saw was friendship and love, merrymaking and mischief.

Your Profession:
Their playfulness is widely known and there are outsiders who wonder how they get anything done, but the magic and passion within them drives them forward. Being quick and clever, Rogue seems a natural choice, but the arcane gift flowing through their blood also allows them to become a strong Mage. From there, they might choose to be a Beguiler, talking their way out of tough situations, or a Scout, able to track people and creatures long distances. They could even be a Bard and tell songs and tales all day long. Of course, they may choose to diverge away from what comes easiest and challenge themselves…whatever makes for a happy Pan!

Advantages & Disadvantages of being a Pan:
Advantages- Your speed and magical prowess allow you to begin with either +1 to Agility OR Arcane, and what a choice to make! Will you be a quick-talking casting trickster as those around you wish to deem you, or will you focus more on speedily darting about causing mayhem and confusion? In any case, you answer only to yourself, thus making you Immune to Commands. You only use things from the Basic Weapon Type, as you’re a very easy-going, simple kind of person.
Disadvantage- Due to your joi de vivre, you’re not often taken seriously, and likely ignored by most of the population of the Isle of Aslynn. On the same coin, you can’t resist the temptation to show off or be in a contest, nor the scent of great food. Gluttony and lust seem to run rampant, and your ignorance of most serious matters is seen as laziness.

Common Knowledge:
“Young master Swift, everyone knows the story of my great-grandfather, Jaq the Green. He brought in the springtime to play tricks on Old Man Winter, poking the first snowdrops through the icy ground and charming the rabbits to run about and play. So shall we be- joyous at the turning of every cycle given to us by the Great Dragons. So shall we be- cunning and quick of wit like Jaq the Green, the Great Pan!” --- Twig Pan Everyone faces tragedy in different ways. After the War of the Forgotten Elves, as the battle between the Drindoran and the Forgotten had become known, the Panadrians chose to celebrate the lives of their fallen brothers and sisters. As if their smiles became frozen on their faces, possessing an innate joy and wonder at life ever since, they preserve the memories they kept of the battle and sacrifice of their kindred in songs and tales. Panadrians are very fond of stories, and see themselves as the stewards of the history of Crux. They may try to out-wit and talk their way out of most things, but the Pans will never change known history. That would be a disrespect to those involved in it. Panadrians are rather charming creatures. They retained the graceful features that they once had as Sylven and now view their punishment as a gift- the horns and shortened ears made them more connected to the animals they adore.

The Pans still venerate the Great Dragons, mostly with over-the top, indulgent festivals. There are food-making and eating competitions, games, contests, races… anything you can think of. It is their belief that, through the combined efforts of the Great Dragons and the Drindoran, they were spared from the harshness of the war. Thus, they honor their beloved Dragons. It is often you will hear “By the Dragons!” when a Panadrian gets excited. When you’re given a compliment, a common response could be “As the Dragons are, so shall we be”, or, simply, “So shall we be.” These Dragons, the Pans hope, look fondly down on their joyful creations and are glad.

Thoughts on the other races of Elven:
Pans are usually too busy being jovial and cheerful to take the time to really allow the other races to impede on their merriment and lifestyle, but they do consider each race as one to be appreciated for what they are.

Sylven, to the Panadrians, are the epitome of boring. They’re highly intellectual and pose a great challenge mentally, but they never seem to appreciate the fleeting moments of life. Being immortal doesn’t mean they need to be a stick in the mud! Panadrians generally feel a form of apathy regarding the High Ones, sometimes with a twinge of fleeting resentment, seeing as they no longer need to answer to the Sylven Chieftains. While the Pans remain mischievous and try to outwit their predecessors, especially in contests of wit and wisdom, they are not malicious in their intent.

The Drindoran clan have a lot of respect, love, and even some fear, from the Panadrians. Without their sacrifice, the animals and Pans alike would have suffered grave losses, so the Pans feel like they have a debt to repay to them. The Drindoran, however, understand that the Pans needed to find joy to combat the terrors of The War of the Forgotten Elves, so the Panadrians appreciate their compassion and sacrifice. For the Pans, to make a war-scarred Drindoran smile is the greatest compliment to their carefree nature.

Pans view the Kalindrin as the closest kin (in principle) that they have on the isle; while they understand the need for taking care of the land, the tree-elves seem at times hostile. Pans do love to indulge in good food and grand times, but they do give back by aiding the wild creatures on the island when they fall ill or injured. Pans are more useful than the Kalindran make them out to be. Though the Panadrians are skeptical of the Kalindran religion, the mark of Kali on all Kalindrin redeem their ethereal quality and this faith and followership is respected by the Pans.