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Elves of Aslynn Isle
Sylven: +1 Arcane
    Immune to Sleep
Kalindrin: +1 Stamina OR Agility
    Dispel Root
Drindoran: +1 Stamina
    Immune to Weakness
Panadrian: +1 Agility OR Arcane
    Immune to Command
All races on the Island have a respect for the lands and wilderness.
Lava rock and other volcanic materials


Some who read this will remember the Sylven . Their beauty and fragility as adored by men for the enchantments and force of will that they were respected for. Not for their unyielding respect of the flow of Magic and coexistence with nature. They will be forgotten for their standing armies and grasp of political warfare. There is still more to be learned of them and their ways. Sylven's natural kinship to magic makes them immune to all magically delivered Sleep effects. Most Sylven are well spoken and may therefore deliver a Sililoquy granting a bonus to their audience upon completion. The Sylven of Magic are the more “plain” looking Sylven you may see and their existence is said to be derived of Dragons. There is no proof to support this theory other than their tales of history.
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Sylven Race Packet .


Do not mistake their beauty for a weakness. These elves have tribal facial tattoos in green mostly around the cheek and eyes. The more intricate the tattoo, the higher the class of warrior. The Kalindri warrior is constantly honing his skills with a bow and spear. Able to Innately dispel Root effects on themselves after a moment of focus. Their affinity to nature allows them to manipulate the ground and can cause a target to be Rooted if standing on natural ground. While Sylven are the intellectuals, the Kalindrin are every bit the tribal warrior brethren to them. Decorated in tattoos of green and brown to reflect their warrior prowess, they rely on their balance and precision to defeat their foes. Their homes are in the trees among vines, ladders and rope-bridges. They also have strong religeous beliefs and worship Kali, whom they believe to be the god of their island. See the entire
Kalindrin Race Packet .


These "demon" elves are the descendants of an ancient magic.
Exceptionally strong for an Elf. Their red skin and overall visage can seem imposing. They do not scare easily. Their unnatural stamina makes them almost never tire. They are immune to weakness. Their foreboding prescence can invoke fear in their target. See the entire
Drindoran Race Packet .


Charming and playful, these woodland creatures live upon the ground instead of in the trees like the Kalindrin of their island. Their natural wit and guile makes them difficult to fool. They are Immune to Command effects. They can also easily fool a target if necessary either by their fast talking and quick wit or simply their natural beauty and charm. People call these folk trixters and thieves because they never seem to lose a wager and their natural state of happiness seems unfounded.
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“Intent is not action.”