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    Immune to Sleep
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The first, the highest, the purest, the Sylven
“The Humans have their Imperium and it is an impressive feat, but look who they rule over. Humans, Dwarves, Quicken, and Striders, none of these are our equal. Never forget they are descended from monkeys while we are descended from Dragons. We shall allow their Imperium, even support it until such time as we are ready for our Empire. Like their lives, their Imperium shall be short while like us our Empire shall be endless. I do not mean to sound vain or cruel. It is simply a fact. Once we find that which unites us and our disparate kind, we shall rise.”
Sylven, sometimes called High Elves, are beings of beauty, magic, and majesty. The Great Dragons, during their crafting of the lands of Crux, looked upon their creations. The forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, oceans, deserts, plains, all of this was majestic. They created the beasts to populate the land, some of these would evolve and become greater, but before that time would come they created their perfect race. The beauty of Nature mixed with the power of the Arcane. They spared this creation from the Null for it pleased them to do so. Once they reached their maturity the Sylven would not age. They would remain perfect, untouched by the ravages of time. If they chose to return to nature they could do so, but death, the Null itself, would not reach out to claim them.
As such, a result of these blessings from the Dragons, the Sylven could choose to sleep but like the death suffered by age, it could not be forced upon them. In addition, their connection to the magic that created them is great. When focused, their voices can invoke magic of creation in others and inspire them beyond what they thought possible.
Sylven believe themselves to be the single greatest creation of the Great Dragons next to Crux itself. They are blessed with amazing gifts. Why, you may ask, have they not ruled like the Humans in the Imperium? This lofty opinion leads to the understanding that they have difficulty following rank and file. Just as damaging to the forming of an Empire is that not all Sylven believe they were created to rule. Many believe they are there to Shepard and protect the other races, some believe that duty extends to Crux itself. They believe they were created to ensure Crux is protected and the “lesser” races thrive without damaging the world.
One thing is crucial to the Sylven, and it is that they follow a passion. This passion is what sustains them, it is what keeps them from deciding to allow time to take them and return them to Crux. As such, many Sylven choose epic quests or unconquerable goals. They choose to guide the sentient races of Crux, or to protect the planet itself against threats so they remain engaged and do not fall to the sorrow and return to the Earth of which they were created from.
Immortality is a long time, and slights are not forgotten quickly, if ever. By the same token, loyalty and friendships that last Ages are things to be cherished. Elven politics is a mix of these varied nuances. With a history of alliances and rivalries that span Lifetimes, their politics are so amazingly complex they make spider webs look rudimentary in comparison.
Sylven who choose to be adventures risk much. They generally do so because something compels them. The great passion they have that drives them takes them from their Isle. Whether this is to see the World, to protect others, or to protect Crux, this pulls them from the Isle and to a life of adventure.

Your Tribe:
High Elves tend to prefer professions which make use of their natural abilities in the Arcane. Healers, and Mages make great use of their natural skills and the act of making others whole or exploring the vast mysteries of magic provides them with pursuits that keep them engaged even through the Ages. Some prefer a martial profession learning the ways of warfare, tactics and strategy. Their connection to nature makes them excellent scouts and rangers as well. Some prefer to utilize their lack of the necessity to sleep, while others rest, which can make for some very accomplished Rouges.

Advantages & Disadvantages of being Elven:
Advantages- Sylven, by their creation are adept at Arcane. In addition to their ability in Arcane, they are immune to sleep. While they can choose to do so, they cannot be forced to and feel no need to succumb to sleep to be refreshed. Lastly, they are immortal beings who do not age once reaching adulthood. Some, after feeling they have accomplished all they can or having grown tired of existence, reach an age where they choose to slip into the Null. This immortality does not make them safe from caused death by violent or arcane means, just the ravages of time that claim other races.
Disadvantage- There are disadvantages to being Elven. Immortal beings do not forget slights and as a result they have never experienced the unity the humans have. Sometimes it is their politics that prevent it, other times it is the steadfast belief which many parties have that they are the best option to rule. Sylven in addition, must find a passion to guide them. This helps motivate them through the ages. Finally, being immortal, intelligent, and beautiful in addition to having a strong belief you are the chosen of the Creators of Crux gives cause to a developed sense of entitlement and superiority that can tend to rub other races the wrong way. Even though time will not age them or claim them, blades, spells, accidents, and disease can all end their lives. Sometimes this distinction is lost on Sylven making them consider incredibly brave and sometimes foolish actions.

Common Knowledge:
Sylven are beautiful, mysterious, and powerful in magic. They greatly respect nature and the natural world. Their politics are complex, and loyalties run deep as do the enmity between rivals. While they generally tend to be one of the goodly races of Crux, when a High Elf treads the path of Evil they can be terrifying. Individuals of this sort, and groups, truly believe themselves to be vastly superior to all others and are willing to go to devastating lengths to see their proper place as rulers. Usually they do not see their turning to the dark, but instead believing they are by far the best option to lead, and that other people would be much better off if they just learned to bend the knee to their superior wisdom, intellect and connection to the world.

Sylven believe themselves to be the purest, most perfect creation of the Great Dragons. They will venerate their Creators, feeling greater connections to some or one of the particular Dragons. Universally respected are those Great Dragons connected to the natural elements Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. The Great Dragon connected to Life is still highly respected. Some groups do pay their worship to the Dragon of Death and the Null out of respect for them leaving the Sylven alone, but based upon their lack of connection to them, they are generally less common as the main Deities.

Thoughts on the other races of Elven:
Sylven have complex relationships among themselves. They have strong long lasting alliances and friendships. At the same time they have Ages long rivalries and feuds. It is this complex political relationship which, in part, has prevented them from uniting the Island that bears their name.

The Sylven look at the Kalindrin as savages that have forsaken the creators. Instead of worshiping the Great Dragons they have turned to a nature spirit. Many Sylven believe this simply to be a powerful spirit that can and should be harnessed for the good of Elvenkind. This creates many difficulties between the two races. Shared heritages and respect for nature prevents this from becoming an all-out war, but engagements have occurred. The Sylven do not hold much respect for the Kalindrin as they also feel as if their lack of Arcane prowess is a sign they have devolved from what they once were.

At first look the Drindoran appear as if they would be evil, and need to be put down. However, the Sylven while they do not know the full truth, have a large respect for the Drindoran. It is a complex situation and emotion among the two as Sylven have difficulty seeing any race as their equal. That being said, there is an almost instinctual belief that the Sylven owe something to the Drindoran. While not being exactly sure what it is, the Sylven know that the darkness that appears on the Drindoran visages holds a greater darkness at bay.

Sylven view the Panadrian as prancing fools who, if they took the time to actually harness their gifts, could be exceptionally potent and useful. To the Sylven, the Panadrian appear to be more interested in cavorting and playing rather than making themselves useful. Panadrian are mirror images of the Sylven, while the Sylven need to find and follow a passion, the Panadrian follow what amuses them in the moment.