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    +1 to Arcane
    Immune to Fear
    Blood Rage
    Family Head
Known both for their patience as well as for their fierce temper
Tugwort herb
The Gnarred are gentle giants. That is, until you get one angry. These hulking humanoids are possessed of both legendary patience and legendary anger. They are generally kind and gentle, finding no pleasure in battle. They would much rather tend to their gardens and lands, than raid or hunt. They are tall, hulking, almost awkward looking humanoids. Their skin is light brown to darker brown, with older Gnarred being darker. Their hair is often scruffy and unkempt, with facial hair about the same. They sometimes have small tusks, jutting up from their lower jaw. They often have prominent brows, sometimes even having small, almost horn-like knobs going across. Almost all appear dirty and a bit disheveled. The Gnarred often smell musty and sometimes downright foul. They are not frequent bathers.
The Gnarred lead a simple life of farming, gardening, cooking and weaving. They take great pride in their gardens and farms and maintain them for the harvest, as well as for their aesthetic charm. Gnarred farms and gardens are a sight to behold, with herbs, vegetables and fruits all planted in strategic composition so as to play off of one another to help all grow and flourish. Herbs are used for food and medicine and any ailments they might have. Even the youngest Gnarred is familiar with rudimentary herbalism. They are formidable in combat, but often not as skilled as Gruíken or Rokhan. Their size and strength make up for their lack of skill, however. They arenít prone to raiding or making war, but will defend their lands and homes fiercely. They live a peaceful existence, as they are mostly left alone with no real enemies.
The Gnarred donít have leaders or laws or any real structure. They seem to get along well and rarely do they engage in any kind of infighting. Their simple way of life is harmonious and uneventful. They are easy to please and donít need much to be happy.

Your Tribe:
Gnarred donít have tribal units, like other humanoids on Halven. Rather, they live in small family units, scattered throughout their lands. The female is often head of the household, with males being in charge of the garden and preparing food.

Advantages & Disadvantages of being Gnarred:
Advantages- Gnarred and very sturdy and possess exceptional strength. They have mastered their fury in battle and are capable of becoming enraged during combat. They receive +1 to Stamina at character creation and the ability to use the skill, Blood Rage.
Disadvantage- Part of the Gnarred diet includes a very pungent herb called tugwort. The herb is often dried and appears dark brown and flat. Tugwort adds to their great strength, but gives them a sharp, penetrating odor. This odor may be off putting to other creatures, especially those with a good sense of smell. Itís worth mentioning that their hygiene isnít the best either.

Common Knowledge:
Gnarred are renown for their size, strength and ferocity, if angered. Though it is difficult to get them angry, their wrath is legendary. Otherwise, these slow, seemingly dimwitted hulks are possessed of amazing patience and empathy. There is no cruelty in their nature and they are surprisingly, kind. They are trustworthy, and due to their long memories, never forget a friend or deed. It is said that they share an ancient ancestor with the Gruíken, and the two may refer to each other as Ďcousinsí. This does not seem to bring them any closer, however, and any familial sentiment beyond the term has been lost.
Gnarred do not bother much with personal hygiene and eat a diet of herbs and funguses that, even when bathed, give them a dank and malodorous stench. As herbivores, they do not eat meat, but will hunt if hides or other animal parts are needed . They wear clothing of plant fibers that they weave together and rarely, the hides of animals. They rarely wear armor, but if they do, they prefer thick hides to metal armor. Their weapons are often simple and made of wood. Clubs, staves and spears are most commonly seen. More prominent figures may use metal weaponry and armor.

Gnarred generally do not worship or pay homage to any gods. They have a deep respect for the land and tend their gardens with almost loving care. They are very simple in their ideas of existence and donít consider the idea of higher beings that they canít see or touch. They have no qualms about otherís having such views; they simply donít understand the point.

Thoughts on the other races of Halven:
The Gnarred go through life with a seemingly little to no real purpose and prefer to live in their gardens and enjoy relaxing in the sun. So, their views of other Races are generally dispassionate as well.

The Gru'ken seem very serious. We donít know why they are so angry. Legends say we are cousins, but we are nothing alike. Theyíre very protective of their lands, so maybe someone tried to take them from them. That would make us mad too. They donít bother us much though, so I guess we donít make them mad.

The Rokhan love nature. We respect this about them. They like our gardens and we trade them herbs and food for anything we cannot make ourselves. They arenít very nice to their females though. They sometimes just take them, if no one else has taken them yet. We donít understand this. Our mates would make us sleep in the garden if we tried that. Though, I guess that wouldnít be so bad.

The Gnomes have always been nice to us. They are strange and cute little things. They make us some tools for our gardens that are hard to use, but save us so much work. They love our food so we trade with them a lot. Sometimes their toys donít work, but they keep telling us we are doing it wrong. They are a lot smarter than us, but we are a lot stronger than them. That helps us get along.