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A tree falls, lightning strikes, a Rokhan is born.
The Rokhan are the stoic wardens of the hills, forests and streams. With a quiet demeanor they roam their territory with vigilance. Their land is their home and any who trespass will invoke their wrath. Rokhan are durable creatures, though often more wiry than stout in their bearing. They heal from their wounds faster than most creatures. Their skin is often a mottled brown and green, almost appearing bark-like. They may even adorn their clothing or weapons with the bones of animals, stones, or even foliage. They are known for using beautiful and rare stones for jewelry, which mark status within a tribe. Skilled jewel crafters are granted a high amount of respect, for their craft. They are very in tune with and have a respect for, nature and the belongings of others.
Rokhan are collectors and anything or any place not claimed by another is fair game. This includes females, who may be chosen and claimed by a male, if they are more powerful. Gender roles have females caring for young, gathering and sometimes taking a role as seer, where males hunt, fight and build. It is not uncommon to see a formidable female warrior though. Almost all Rokhan can fight and spears and shields are commonly seen, with females often preferring the bow. They favor armor of leather or animal hide and do not often wear metal.
The Rokhan are not a prone to raiding or making war. They prefer to stick to themselves and within their own territory. They will rarely venture out if they need resources or if a harvest was inadequate. Still, they will seek out only what they need and would prefer to trade for it rather than raid for it. If others encroach on their territory, however, they will push them back and then make war with them. They will not stop until the trespassers are no longer a threat. There are few creatures more territorial than the Rokhan.

Your Tribe:
Rokhan tribes are large and formed of many different families. Outsiders are very rarely allowed within a tribe. Those that find themselves without a tribe are often doomed to wander, alone. They are rarely seen again, assuming to be lost to the wilds of the land. Some legends say these wanderersí spirits are absorbed and become a part of the land itself.
A chief, shaman, hedge wizard and oracle head the tribes. The chief is appointed by consensus of the tribe and often sons take over for fathers, or daughters for their mothers. Males are more often in the position of chief, than females. Females tend to take to the roles of hedge wizard and oracle, with shaman more often being males . The oracle is consulted in times of trouble and for more important decisions or endeavors. The oracle is a mercurial figure, speaking in riddles and tongues, not familiar to the tribe. The oracle is a bit of a loner and often keeps to themself, only being consulted if the need arises.
There are 5 or 6 different tribes and communication among the tribes is maintained, and borders of territories are respected. Tribes rarely battle with one another and often trade, negotiate and on special occasions, feast together.

Advantages & Disadvantages of being Rokhan:
Advantages- Rokhan are sturdy and hardy creatures with a high tolerance to pain and injury. As such, they receive +1 to Vitality. They recover from injury faster than other creatures, gaining the Regenerate skill, for free.
Disadvantage- Rokhan are superstitious and suspicious of magic. Players may find themselves viewed with suspicion if they use magic in the presence of Rokhan, which is not directly tied to nature. They are also somewhat fearful of fire.

Common Knowledge:
Rokhan are somewhat quiet, and reserved. They speak slowly and seem to consider every word that passes their lips. Their elders have a very sage-like demeanor and have the presence of someone who has seen much, but said little. Rokhan seem trustworthy and not predisposed to greed or cruelty. They seem to live in harmony with the land and respect it for itís beauty, power and gifts. They are excellent with the spear and warriors can throw it as well as they fight with it. They hunt and gather only what they need. Their mark on the land is gentle and almost loving. They speak to stones, trees and the sky. They honor their fallen and never forget a friend or family member.
Do not, under any circumstances, trespass into their lands. Rarely, guests are granted access and escorted to trade or barter. Meetings are often held in neutral locations, near borders, that are reserved for such events. They are sacred places, where no fighting may take place or the land curses the aggressors. Rokhan take these things very seriously and transgressors are rarely given a second chance.

The Rokhan religious practices are ones of animism and fetishism. They view the trees, mountains, wind, etc. as conscious and powerful entities. Every rock, tree, hill and body of water has a soul and they are treated with great respect. Homage is paid to each element, depending on what the Rokhan seeks. If one is building a home, they may ask the earth to bless and strengthen it. If they are farmers, they may often call to the sky to gift them with rain, to nourish their crops.
Rokhan engage in ceremony, regularly and though there are no rigid rules or structure, it is common practice to call to an element when engaging in a new endeavor. Thanks and tributes are often paid in honor of a great success, a battle won or a bountiful harvest. The type of act or offering is very personal to the Rokhan and may be as small as a muttering of thanks, to as large as a great sacrifice, whether in resources or creation.
The shaman is the highest order of the anointed. Seers, who are often female, command great respect as well. Both often use magic of some kind and are not uncommonly seen as healers. Even a powerful tribal chieftain will bend will to a shaman, if they have proven themselves to be wise.

Thoughts on the other races of Halven:
This land is sacred and deeper bonds than outsiders can imagine connect us to it. We have bled this ground for generations. Our ancestors live in the earth, the wind and the trees. This is our home. Others, by their actions have proven that they simply do not belong here.

The Gru'ken are savage wanderers, warring amongst themselves. They are formidable warriors, but too disorganized to pose a threat to us. The land alone would drive them back without our having to life a spear. As long as they keep to their own lands, we have no use for them.

The Gnarred are strong and closer to beasts than humanoids. They have not shown themselves to be unworthy of our respect and we have traded with them, from time to time. They are simple creatures, not prone to war. Hopefully our dealings with them can remain peaceful.

Gnomes are strange little folk. We do not know what to make of them. They have never come into our lands, but some of our people have spoken of meeting some of their kind. They were curious and small. They wore strange clothes and carried odd tools. They seem harmless enough, to the point of being weak. Iím not sure how they survive here.