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Gru'ken: +1 Stamina
    Shield Slam
Rokhan: +1 Vitality
Gnarred: +1 Arcane
    Immune to Fear
Gnomes: +1 Agility
    Master Craftsman
. .
Various stones and minerals


The race known by most as incapable of unity, are the Gru’ken. A mixture of abnormally tall Man whom have the muscular constitution normally born to Dwarves. Their faces, though similar to man, are defined by a protruding lower jaw and near tusks for lower canines, which extend up sometimes past their noses. Seemingly nomadic, they move as herds of animals to where the season suits them. Most are adorned with furs and bone trinkets to somehow attest to their strength and prowess as well as make them appear barbaric along with their guttural speech. Though they have always been civil towards the other races, they war amongst their own and no one tribe has seen its day in power over the whole of their race. It is not believed by many, that they will ever become a civilization or a threat. It is also a general consensus that there are only perhaps thirty or so tribes of these Gru’ken still roaming the known world. The belief system for many of these tribes is mostly cosmic, whereas the stars and the sun and moon are representative of their rulers and heroes. Each tribe, however, seems to have its own relative opinion on what these specifics are, and most are based on ancestral knowledge passed down from shamans of their race.
Like most of the inhabitants on Halven, Gru'ken speech is very gutteral and usually difficult to understand given their large protruding tusks. They are not without intelligence as some might assume. In fact, they have many healers, or Shaman, among their better trained adventurers. Still, most rely on brut force to win battles. See the entire
Gru'ken Race Packet .
“Tomorrow is for those who live through today.”


These Troll-like people are very tribal in nature as well as territorial. They do have a great respect for nature and one another's property. Anything not marked or apparently owned though is up for grabs. This even transfers to the females of their race. The women of their race do not travel without a male for fear of being taken by another regardless of tribe.
See the entire
Rokhan Race Packet .


These slow moving hulks are sometimes called Half-Ogres due to their size and poor diction. Unlike their Gru'ken brethren, they are dim witted and slow. They make up for this disadvantage by being exceptionally strong. Though most people wouldn't like travelling with one of these creatures because of their smell, having one on your side in combat is very well worth it.
See the entire
Gnarred Race Packet .


The smallest of the Halven inhabitants, these dwarf-like creatures usually dwell in caves and don't venture out much after nightfall. They are exceptional at figures and understanding the mechanics. They were the first to create a pulley system for water conveyance from the springs outside their home into the depths of the mountains. See the entire
Gnomish Race Packet .