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    +1 to Stamina
    Shield Slam
    Chieftan and Shamans
Rarely tire even over long distances
Medicinal and Sprirtual Herbs
The Gruíken are a strong, brave and nomadic people. They are wanderers by nature, following the movement of the great herds from which they hunt. Their tall stature, green or brownish skin and protruding tusks from their lower jaw easily identify a Gruíken. The skin of a Gruíken is rough and leathery, almost reptilian in texture. They are often muscular or lean, but rarely overweight, as a life of constant movement leaves little time for anything but work, hunting or the gathering of resources. They prefer a primitive style of dress, mostly from the skins and bones of animals. Colors are earth toned, with rare instances of dyes from berries or blood, to add some color. Piercings, tattoos and ritual scarring are common and often a sign of prowess. Certain tattoos and scars signify different achievements in battle, leadership or hunting. Even the youngest of Gruíken warriors boasts at least one tattoo, scar or piercing. Gruíken speak in low, grunting, guttural tones that are hard for outsiders to understand. Their large tusks make their speech that much harder to understand. There is a subtlety in their grunts that communicates much more than those unfamiliar with them might realize. The mood of a Gruíken can often be assessed by the tone of their grunts, with low tones marking contentedness and higher toned grunts belying agitation and frustration. In any case, they are not much for casual conversation and say what they mean in a very direct way. Though the Gruíken are primitive and simple in some ways, they are not dim witted. In fact, they are quite clever. There is an inner wisdom that sets them apart from others inhabitants of Halven. They take time to reflect, assess and are able to see the bigger meaning in things. They pay respect to the celestial bodies and look to the moon, sun and stars as the higher representations of their tribal heroes and rulers. It is not uncommon to see a Gruíken looking to the sky when in contemplation or when considering a decision. Different phases of the moon, eclipses, shooting stars and other celestial phenomena all have different meanings throughout the various Gruíken tribes. Their shaman and witch doctors are responsible for interpreting the sky and itís messages for the rest of the tribe.

Your Tribe:
Most Gruíken are born into their tribe. Tribes are often large, extended families, with a scattering of those of other tribes, usually survivors of defeated tribes that proved themselves worthy during the battle. Very rarely, a Gruíken strikes out on their own, only to join another tribe. There was a time when Gruíken would try to infiltrate rival tribes, to gain an advantage during war times, but this act is now believed to invoke the wrath of the ancestors. It is very rarely practiced now and is seen as cowardly and beneath Gruíken. Tribal law is often simple and is ultimately the word of the chief. Shamans are often second in command or honored advisors. It is not uncommon to have more than one shaman in a tribe. The number of tribes on Halven is always changing as tribes battle amongst each other, forming and being destroyed. In general, there are as many as 12 tribes at any one time.

Advantages & Disadvantages of being Gru'ken:
Advantages- Gruíken favor larger, more damaging weapons rather than smaller ones. The powerful warriors of the Gruíken are able to focus their ferocity into a single blow that will penetrate shields. They are able to perform the skill Shield Slam. Gruíken are also strong of body from living a nomadic life in their harsh lands and as such, receive +1 to Stamina. Additionally, Gruíken get the Shield skill for free.
Disadvantage- Due to their reputation for being warlike, Gruíken may be attacked or fled from outright, when encountering other races. [Anyone playing Gruíken should be prepared to deal with this consequence]

Common Knowledge:
You are a warrior first and anything else, second. No matter your profession, you are a warrior. From the youngest child to the most venerable elder, you will fight if need be and a weapon is never farm from your grasp. You live off of the land and respect it for its gifts. You follow the great herds and hunt only what you need, using every bit to strengthen your tribe. Though you arenít especially cruel or bloodthirsty, you love a good fight and war, if necessary, is embraced. Your tribe is your family and other tribes cannot be trusted. Competition between tribes keeps all tribes strong. Weakness means death and warring among tribes means the weak are culled. As long as the sun shines on you and the moon continues to guide you when the sun sleeps, you are at home.

Gruíken pay homage to celestial bodies, rather than gods, viewing the sun, moon and stars as the embodiment of their heroes, rulers and ancestors. It is the domain of the shaman and witch doctor of the tribe to read and interpret the messages that the sky brings. Rituals, rites and celebrations all fall on special celestial events such as eclipses, full moons and other significant astrological events. The specifics differ from tribe to tribe, but general ideas are similar. Eclipses signify great change; full moons often suggest new starts or ideas and shooting stars are often seen as communications from fallen ancestors.

Thoughts on the other races of Halven:
Only the strong survive on Halven and though we respect the other races, they are not Gruíken. Any who dare challenge us will driven back from where they came from.

The Rokhan are not entirely unlike us. They honor the land and protect their borders with ferocity and determination. They are worthy opponents in battle, but do not understand the messages of the sky and stars. They are simple and without the cunning we possess. Their females are weak and cling to their males to protect them. How can they create warriors as powerful as we?

The Gnarred are more akin to beasts than warriors. Their strength is undeniable, but they are slow and stupid and not worthy of falling to our axes. We are unconcerned with these oafs. As long as they stay where they belong, they are of no concern to us.

Gnomes are like children. They pose no threat to us, whatsoever. I have never seen one after dark. They must be hiding in their caves, tinkering with strange devices to help them see over mushrooms. I bet they taste delicious.