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To know more, than they think you know, is to be Gnome
Gnomes are small, agile, clever little businessmen. They have quick feet and even quicker tongues. Any pictures of waddling, bulbous nosed, barefoot half-men are completely inaccurate. The gnomes can be as dangerous as any. Gnomes range in size from very small and thin to short and stocky. More often they are short and lithe, but older gnomes often put on more weight. They have ruddy colored to tan skin and often have slightly pointed ears. They can be seen wearing facial hair or clean-shaven, with neither being more common. They prefer comfortable, finely made clothing and rarely wear armor, unless they are preparing for battle. They prefer smaller weapons like daggers or small axes and often have a ranged weapon as well. Though they are skilled in the use of weapons, they prefer to battle with their skills of trade and negotiation, than steel.
Gnomes live in a large complex of underground warrens. They are clan and guild based and dozens of clans and a handful of guilds make up their society. They prefer to remain underground, but are not uncomfortable on the surface. They often visit the Gnarred for trade and are willing to trade or do business with anyone, if they can get a good deal.
Gnomes are also skilled craftsmen and enjoy creating gadgets that can make any task, easier. They have some excellent locks, traps, and other contraptions for both protection and every day utility. Though gnomes are not lazy, they take pride in making harder tasks, easier.
The true mark of gnomish worth though, is how much coin you bring to your guild master. Just as some people revere their battle leaders, gnomes honor earning potential and wealth. They are competitive with one another, but especially so with other races. For a gnome to come out of a negotiation with an unfavorable deal is like a defeat in battle. Very rarely does this pride and competition result in violence and the gnomes have never warred with one another.

Your Tribe:
Gnome society is both clan and guild based. There is a fine balance between the two. A Gnomes clan is his extended family. They all share a surname and are related by a common ancestor. Things can get complicated if those of the same clan are members of different guilds. Competition between guilds can be fierce, but rarely violent.
Clan heads are often the eldest member, regardless of profession or gender. Having a higher guild status, can affect clan status as well, but rarely is the reverse true. Guild status is almost entirely dependent upon earning potential and charisma. Guild structure is centered around commerce and trading. Leaders are adept in bargaining, trading, negotiation and manipulation. There are collections of underbosses that report to the guild master and head up trade circles themselves. For these underbosses to rise in the guild, they have to bring more coin to the table. Competition among and within guilds is heavy.
Gnomes are very proud of their clan status, but especially so of their guild status. This competition, without the destructive and dividing tactic of violence has made them a very wealthy and powerful people. They do not project this to outsiders though. They are not boastful or flamboyant outside of their warrens.

Advantages & Disadvantages of being Gnomish:
Advantages- The gnomes are quick and dexterous little fellows. They are more agile than most other races and are able to perform feats of agility that are uncommon to larger races. The gnomes are a crafty and creative folk, able to haggle and negotiate on a level that is above the average trader.
Disadvantage- Gnomes are smaller and often meek looking creatures. This can be seen as a weakness to other humanoids and may set them up as potential targets for raiders or thieves. Gnomes should be especially wary of traveling alone or in very small groups.

Common Knowledge:
Gnomes are small, mysterious and quiet little creatures. They are not commonly seen outside of their warrens and when they are, it is often in the service of a powerful leader or to make trade. Though they are small, they carry a larger presence. Their tools have gained the wonder and curiosity of simpler folk and they often trade them for anything from coin to rarities they cannot find near their homes. Gnomes are skilled negotiators and serious businessmen. They are not to be taken lightly and their numbers and power are unknown to outsiders. Their lands have never been raided, successfully, and any intruders have seemingly been pushed back easily.
Gnomes prefer fine clothing and equipment and always appear to be put together. They speak in direct terms and always seem to be trying to get to a deal, even if you’re talking about the weather. They are curious and will ask questions when meeting new people, so as to learn more about them and find out what they want. They like to forge new friendships by making a mutually beneficial deal. This encourages future dealings and builds trust. As time goes on, they may test this bond, with more shrewd and calculated negotiations. They rarely come off as unfair or greedy, however. They simply enjoy the art of a deal.

In coin we trust! This is the most holy saying of the gnomes. They do not follow deities or believe in much beyond the value of coin. They have few superstitions and rarely do you find a gnome committing to a god or practicing any kind of religion.

Thoughts on the other races of Halven:

Gru'ken think we are weak. They’re wrong. We don’t deal with them much, and they don’t bother us. They’re too concerned with killing one another to pose any real threat to us. At least one guild tried to make trade with them, years ago, but it didn’t seem to be worth the trouble.

The Rokhan Rokhan are a little uppity about their lands and go crazy if you touch their things. They aren’t too bad though. We’ve traded with them before and it went pretty well. They leave us alone and we leave them alone. I think as long as we stay off their land, they wont bother us.

We kind of love these big oafs. The Gnarred are so big and strong, but so gentle. They have always treated us with respect and never looked down upon us more then they have to, literally. We’d love to have them down to our homes, but they just can’t fit. We’ve visited them and we trade every so often. We’re a little worried the Gru’ken are going to have at them though, but we’ll help them out of that happens. They make an amazing soup too!