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Racial Abilities

Choosing which Race to play will determine which Racial abilities are available for your to learn. All Races have an Attribute bonus and two skills.
1.) The first is Innate, meaning it is either a passive skill which is permanently active or a skill which requires some action but may be used unlimitedly. When you select your Race, you gain this skill at no extra cost. Thus, each Race comes with at least one skill automatically trained.
2.) The second skill is a special ability which, if trained, may be used per Event.

While your main skills are tied to your physical attributes, Racial skills are not tied to any attribute.
Innate skills are automatically learned at zero cost. Events Skills or Charged Skills have a relative cost per purchase.
RaceAttribute BonusInnate SkillEvent Skill
Ancients+1 VitalityHealed by BindingEarth Root
Balteraan+1 VitalityImmune to PoisonCharged Slam
Cantoré+1 SpiritStone HealingResist Command
Chiaras+1 ArcaneImmune to Drain+1 Vitality
Chymerian+1 SpiritDisplacementFocus Self
Construct+1 StaminaImmune to DrainChipped Armor
Darconé+1 StaminaImmune to ParalyzeStone Form
Drindoran+1 StaminaImmune to WeaknessInvoke Fear
Drundarian+1 AgilityImmune to Stagger9 Lives
Dwarf+1 StaminaImmune to StaggerShield Slam
Sylven+1 ArcaneImmune to SleepAwaken
Feeder+1 VitalityHeal from FeedingGaseous Form
Gnarr+1 ArcaneImmune to FearBlood Rage
Gnarulian+1 StaminaHibernateResist Fear
Gnome+1 AgilityMaster CraftsmanImbue Weapon
Gru'ken+1 StaminaShieldShield Slam
Human+1 AttributeWeapon MasterRefresh Attribute
Ilsk+1 VitalityImmune to Water attacksElemental Ice
Kaezen+1 AgilityKeening WardWraith Form
Kalindrin+1 Sta or AgiDispel RootEntangle
Orsienne+1 ArcaneImmune to ControlUncaged
Panadrian+1 Arc or AgiImmune to CommandBeguille
Phistian+1 ArcaneHealed by WaterResist Fire
Plagued+1 ArcaneImmune to CurseSkill Recall
Quicken+1 AgilityImmune to SlowDodge
Rokhan+1 VitalityRegenerateDefy Death
Scuras+2 AttributeImmune to InflictSilent Curse
Scurotsuma+1 AgilityImmune to Drain+1 Vitality
Seasonals+1 ArcaneSouventis LinkSouventis Life
Siphonte+1 ArcaneImmune to BindingAbsorb
Souventis+1 StaminaNatural ArmorNatural Threshold
Strider+1 ArcaneRip from BindingHeal the Fallen
Willows+2 SpiritSpirit TalkerSpirit Walk
Wolven+1 StaminaIdentify PoisonsNatural Claws

+1 Vitality

This ability grants Chiaras a +1 bonus to their normal maximum Vitality from sunrise to sunset. This same bonus applies to the Scurotsuma from sunset to sunrise. Character's current HP are not affected upon losing or gaining this bonus unless their current HP are at max HP, in which case they either gain or lose a HP accordingly.

9 Lives

Once per Event, if trained in this skill, a Drundarian may Resist a death effect.


Once per event, a Siphonte may Absorb an effect, then being able to deliver it innately.


The Sylven natural immunity to Sleep also allows them to invoke the ability to Awaken others once per event for each time this skill is purchased.


Once per event, Panadrian are able to invoke a Command upon a single target.

Blood Rage

Gnarr may invoke a Blood Rage once per event allowing them to add their Stamina attribute to their next attack.

Charged Slam

Balteraan are aggressive attackers and may deliver a Direct attack against an enemy with a shield as it's first attack upon that target once per event for each time this skill is purchased.

Chipped Armor

Once per event, a Construct may instantly refit their armor if trained in this ability.

Defy Death

Once per event, Rokhan may regenerate 1 Vitality while they are Dying.

Dispel Root

Kalindrin innately have the ability to Dispel any Root effect.


Due to the duality of their composition, all Chymerians are only half affected by timed effects. Thus, any effect with a natural 1 minute duration, will actually only affect them for 30 seconds. This applies to any effect with a duration of 1 minute, to include Dying.


Once per event, a Quicken may Dodge a single attack.

Earth Root

An Ancient, if trained in this ability, may invoke a Root effect upon a single target once per Event.

Elemental Ice

Ilsk have a natural affinity to Ice and may invoke a Pool of 5 Ice attacks for 1 damage once per event for each time this ability is purchased. X is the number of times this skill is purchased.


Kalindrin are in tune with the earth and may set a snare to entangle multiple victims in a given area once per event.

Focus Self

Chymerian may spend 1 minute focusing to effectively double their next used ability.

Gaseous Form

Once per event a Feeder may turn to Gaseous form making them immune to all effects. The Feeder may move while in this form, but only at a walking pace.

Heal from Feeding

Feeders are able to restore their Vitality by Feeding on a Dying victim. This restoration occurs at a rate of 1 point for every 10 seconds of feeding.

Heal the Fallen

Once per event, a Strider may Heal a fallen victim to full Vitality after 10 seconds of abjuration over their body.

Healed by Binding

Ancients are healed by binding effects. If struck by a binding effect, they are healed for 1 point of Vitality.

Healed by Water

Phistian are naturally healed by effects delivered by water. If struck by a water delivered effect, they are healed for 1 point of Vitality. They may also heal by drinking water at 1 point every 10 seconds.


Gnarulian really enjoy a good night's sleep. Upon waking in the morning after being fully rested, they are fully healed and gain a temporary bonus of +2 to their Vitality. This bonus fades once the extra points have been removed through damage or effects.

Identify Poisons

Wolven may identify Poisons by scent.

Imbue Weapon

Once per event, Gnomes may imbue (restore?) a single weapon with a magical aura.

Immune to Binding

Siphonte are unaffected by binding effects.

Immune to Command

Panadrian are unaffected by Command delivered effects.

Immune to Control

Orsienne are unaffected by Control effects.

Immune to Curse

Plagued are unaffected by Curse effects.

Immune to Drain

Chiarans, Constructs, and Scurotsuma are unaffected by all Drain affects. (fix?)

Immune to Fear

Gnarr are unaffected by Fear effects.

Immune to Inflict

Scuras are unaffected by Infliction effects.

Immune to Paralyze

Darconé cannot be paralyzed.

Immune to Poison

Balteraan are unaffected by all Poison delivered affects.

Immune to Sleep

Sylven are unaffected by all Sleep effects.

Immune to Slow

Quicken are unaffected by Slow effects.

Immune to Stagger

Drundarian and Dwarves are unaffected by all Stagger effects.

Immune to Water attacks

Ilsk are unaffected by attacks or effects caused or delivered via water or Ice.

Immune to Weakness

Drindoran are unaffected by all Weakness effects.

Invoke Fear

Once per event, Drindoran may invoke a fear effect upon a single target.

Keening Ward

A Kaezen may keen over a Dead victim to pause their death count. This count is paused so long as the Kaezen continues to keen over their body uninterrupted.

Master Craftsman

Gnomes innately gain a 10% bonus to their ability to successfully craft any item.

Natural Armor

Souventis have a Natural Armor equal to their Stamina attribute.

Natural Claws

Once per event, Wolven may extend their claws to fight with. You may not wield a weapon with a claw.

Natural Threshold

Souventis may invoke a Threshold equal to their Stamina attribute once per event for each time this skill is purchased.

Refresh Attribute

Once per Event, Humans may refresh 1 point to either their Stamina, Arcane or Agility attribute.


Rokhan can regenerate their Vitality at a rate of 1 point for every 10 seconds of rest or adjuration.

Resist Command

Cantoré, due to their special link with Darconé, are difficult to control and may Resist a Command effect once for each time purchased.

Resist Fear

Once per event, Gnarulian may resist a single Fear effect.

Resist Fire

Phistian may resist a Fire effect once per event for each time this skill is purchased.

Rip From Binding

Strider my rip free from Binding effects via an innate ability to dispel the effect upon themselves after concetrating for 3 seconds.

Shield Slam

Once per event, Dwarves and Gru'ken may either physically disarm a shield or deliver a Direct attack through a shield if trained in this skill.


Gru'ken are naturally able to wield a shield as per the off-hand Style.

Silent Curse

Once per event, Scuras can invoke a Curse of Silence upon a target.

Skill Recall

Once per event, a Plagued may Refresh a skill they have already expended.

Souventis Life

Once per event, the Seasonal may grant Life to a dead Souventis.

Souventis Link

A Seasonal and their Souventis can exchange abilities and even thoughts. [define]

Spirit Talker

Willows may speak with and engage other beings who are in a Spirit Form.

Spirit Walk

Once per event, a Willow may enter spirit form and walk to any destination. Any other action taken or ability used will drop the form.

Stone Form

Once per event a Darconé may become solid stone making them immune to all effects. They remain stone so long as they do not move, nor can they be moved by force.

Stone Healing

Cantoré are able to heal Darconé.



Weapon Master

Due to their required service to the military, Humans are naturally trained in Basic, Martial and Exotic weaponry.

Wraith Form

Once per event, Kaezen may enter a wraithen form. The Kaezen may move while in this form, but only at a walking pace. Any other action taken or ability used will drop the form.